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Yeah or Neigh at Caberfae Peaks Ski Resort Review

Caberfae Peaks Ski Resort Review

Caberfae Peaks

Yeah or Neigh at Caberfae Peaks Ski Resort! Yeah! Pack your bags and plan a trip to Caberfae Peaks Ski Resort. There is not much better than a weekend with the family. We chose this year to do a Adult trip. Turned out to be an amazing weekend with amazing people.

Caberfae Peaks Ski Resort holds the title of Liftopia‘s Best of Snow 2017-2018 offering 34 ski runs not including the back country terrain “wilderness” skiing. They are the largest day ski resort in Michigan. However, Caberfae offers stay and play packages that were sold out for the weekend we chose to go.

Staying close at the Lost Pines Lodge 3 miles away unless you use your GPS which takes you much farther around but has beautiful scenery. If you choose to stay there call for directions much easier path to take. Pay in cash they charged us $15 to use our card. They did not offer this information until after the purchase.

Caberfae Peaks Ski Resort located outside of Cadillac Michigan, has terrain for all levels of skiing including a tow rope at the bunny hill. They also offer lessons for the beginner. If you choose to pay for lessons it is good to plan ahead as they only take place at specific times. We witnessed new ways to help teach children to ski including harnesses as well as hula hoop looking pvc pipes that I am sure one could DIY to aid those kiddo’s learning how to ski.

Caberfae Peaks Ski Resort has many snow making machines for when the slopes are running a little light on snow. This makes skiing possible when the conditions are not favorable. We now have been skiing in snow conditions that were favorable for skiing as well as skiing when it was 40 degrees. Both are fun adventures with their own sets of ups and downs. Make the best with what you have!

What to bring on your ski trip.
I am a beginner working my way up to intermediate. Besides beer and PJ’s, I like to pack comfortable clothes like leggings as well as under clothes active wear such as north face, cuddles, or under armour. I take a complete change of clothes, coat and snow pants. For windy snow days goggles are not a bad idea. A first aid kit for those bumps and bruises. Choose to take or rent a helmet as it may not be a bad idea.

I recently started collecting our own ski gear for future adventures. I like looking for bargains online as well as local second hand shops. You never know what you are going to get that way so buying new might not be a bad idea. Several of our group plan on buying at least their own ski boots for next year.

Little did we know you can bring your own crock pot and drinks. Caberfae is home to a wonderful little bar/cafe that has amazing food and drinks. However, we also like to bring our own too. The warming hut provides a wonderful area to plug in your crock pot as well as refuel. They have many picnic tables inside and out for resting your soul. Bring ribs (cooked by the best cook in the family), nacho’s, hotdogs or what ever trips your trigger. Some quick easy snacks are a definite must.

Caberfae Peaks can boast on their gum drop cocoa. It is the best. The gum drop consists of hot cocoa with butter shot and peppermint schnapps, however one can substitute peppermint for Baily’s Irish Cream topped with whip cream that is literally one of the best cold weather drinks up to date. Close runners up are Bourbon Cream and cocoa or coffee, apple cider and fireball as well as cherry Pepsi with Stag.

Wrap up Caberfae Peaks Ski Resort
Lastly, to wrap up with the pro’s and con’s of our mini adventure.
Easy to get to
Order lift tickets and ski rentals online save time and money (ski’s will already be set up)
Beginner hill with tow rope
Many different terrains for all levels of skiing
Warming hut to bring your own snacks as well as a wonderful cafe above. (We did not make it over to the lodge that includes heated pool and rooms etc.)
Plenty of fun and adventure awaits

Wish it was not so icy the day we went cant control mother nature though
Maybe, groom a couple trails once a day but that might also be a bad idea since I am a beginner
The more that go the more expensive it is. Have everyone buy separately or by couples to save money unless you meet the quantity for a group.

I am sure there is much to do in and around Cadillac Michigan, we only scratched the surface. It would be fun to do a snow mobile trip in the future as well as ski again. We will be back to Caberfae Peaks Ski Resort. However, I like to try a new ski experience every year so it may be awhile. All in all our family had a blast at Caberfae Peaks Ski Resort!