Winter Living On the Farm Frozen Buckets and Water Tanks


 Winter Barn Hacks What they don’t tell you …

Having lived on a small farm all of my life and am always in

shock when I learn of something that can make my life just

a little bit easier. (Yes, I don’t get out much.) I love barn hacks.

While this is my trusty friend in winter (the sledge hammer below)

I use it to break the ice because I don’t want

electric bills that break the bank.

Introducing the Thermocube.

I mean really why has no one told me about this?

Barn Hacks are always worth a good conversation… right!

Where has this little contraption been all my life?


Who knew they had thermostat plug ins for your tank heaters?

These are the kind of tank heaters I use at home.

And will definitely use them more once this cube comes in!

The thermostat plug ins have great reviews.

In my book they are worth taking the


I will let y’all know if things don’t go as well as expected!

What do you use? Always love hearing new ideas!

Life Barn Hacks for Winter and Frozen water Buckets and Tanks…

Insert your water hose into the water tank to keep it thawed

versus dragging it into the house.

Insulate buckets with sheep wool.

Yes, I am totally going to try this.

Probably on a smaller scale though.

Take a muck bucket.Insert your water bucket

Find a local farmer with some sheep wool.

Amazons is 14+ a pound.

And stuff the the wool around the bucket.

Rumor has it buckets don’t completely freeze they only get a

thin sheet of ice covering them on a normal winter day.

I’ve seen some people boast about how they partially fill a

milk jug with salt water and the horses play with it and it helps

keep the ice broke anyone tried it?


What are Your Winter Barn Hacks?


Mother nature this year I believe is going thru menopause.

Nice one day brutally frigid cold the next.

Living in Indiana I come to expect all four seasons in a week.

70+ degree swing in temperatures in less than 7 days.

I know Indiana is not the only ones going thru this.

But come on the polar vortex that just went thru was rough for

those who are not use to being in those -40 plus


Preparing for the deep freeze.

The tank heaters were working before the frigid weather hit.

They made it thru with only a thin sheet of ice forming over the

top of the tanks not bad in my book.

For the water spigots

I bought pipe insulators and duct taped them down.

You can also use your shipping boots unless your planning on

using them for hauling soon.

I also used a roll of insulation and wrapped the entire

hydrant in layers.

This little doozy of an idea is also on my list of things to try.

Just let it drip into a water tank.

When the diesel trucks are plugged in hogging the extension

chords and electrical outlets.

I did everything I could to ensure I would not need to carry

water buckets.  This time it worked!

I mean it would be ok if I were planning on a vacation where

there was some fun involved like maybe checking out Denali

or Mt Everest. Give me a reason lol.

This post was inspired by the Clever-Chicken-Chick blog hop and giveaway! I have added the little heater on the list of things to buy for the barn!

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2 thoughts on “Winter Living On the Farm Frozen Buckets and Water Tanks”

  1. Tru says:

    You bust me up ! Thanks for stopping by !! My todo list is a lot shorter than some But when bad weather is coming I scurry yo get prepared … hope to have most everything in place for the next storm so life is easier lol

  2. Trudy says:

    Wow! Having grown up a “city” girl, I had no idea you had to do all this! A lot of great information!

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