Where my mind has wondered today … Dehydrating Eggs 

Why my mind has wondered there who knows …. Actually a family member was talking about how other family members are “preppers” we all have our own beliefs and various reasons for doing things the way we do. Every once in a while I wonder where my children get their sense of imagination and investigation from. (Squirrel) They make me look twice some days and other days, I just chalk it up to they are our children and they get it honestly. I remember as a child my father would subscribe to “The Mother Earth News” magazine and it always intrigued me, I never did do any of the  experiments I read about though and still today I like reading about various types and ideas of homesteading and homeopathic remedies always telling the kiddos that science adventures and challenges are a grand form of fun . My hubby having lived in Wyoming and Alaska has several family members that prep ….. On one particular day last weekend one family member was talking about prepping and they used the silver bags and food grade buckets to preserve in so I googled silver food grade bags because I couldn’t remember the term Mylar bags(maybe one day I will put a link in there …. and would never think to research it at home because I don’t take a lot of time at home to wonder about the Internet. Well that my friend was kind of interesting however didn’t keep my interest  long (squirrel) I accepted it as a good idea filed it in my brain as an idea just in case I ever get to that level of self suffeciantcy and preparedness if that is even a word …. Hey a couple weeks ago was my first ever self canning experience (head turns left ….squirrel) that’s a whole other post (head turns right another darn squirrel) that’s how we got to where we are going now to 

DEHYDRATED EGGS because you just never know when I may drag a bunch of chickens home and tell the hubby my next great adventure could be chicken farmin’ and in these days and times its best to save everything that’s good for you as long as you can ….( I am not a person that can practice what I am preaching at the moment but hey I said it was a good idea ) and hey when you go camping there are far better things to do than to go thru your cooler and wipe off everything the broken eggs got all over ….. Or you didn’t use them all and are afraid to use them now so dehydrated eggs could be the solution along with my other post about frozen eggs (both are great ideas and beats cleaning up messes) here is where I found my info Off the grid news it is an interesting little web site I thought I would share 🙂 and I hope you enjoy !

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