Valentines Day Free Printable for the Barrel Racer

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Valentines Day Will be Here Before You Know It!

Looking for a last minute gift for the horse lover in your life?
CanChasin.Com is giving away a beautiful printable that would be adorable in a
cute little black frame.
Download Now for free for a limited time!
Valentines Day Gift Collections Coming Soon!
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She Believed She Could So … She Did Printable available for download here.

This adorable last minute gift for the barrel racer in your life would look spectacular in a

simple dollar store frame.

Don’t have time to shop for a frame? Check out these!

Hand Made Holiday Fun

Home made gifts are quite fun to do also!

I use these Libbey wine glasses and Armour Etch and bought the image below on Etsy printed the image and shrank down to fit!

I used transfer paper from dollar tree and simply

Then pressed the image onto the glass with a pencil and cut out the image I wanted to “etch”

I then followed the directions on the etching cream.

Simply applied a thin layer onto the glass and waited a few minutes and washed it off. 

Wallah, a simply easy craft that took minutes. Looked like it took all day and the people I gave and sold them to loved ’em. Pictures and tutorial coming soon! 🙂



If you are looking for some fun craft ideas come back soon for CanChasin.Com craft idea

of the month!

You can make wine glasses similar to these a little time and patience and you will be able

to whip these out in no time!ne glasses and sold them on Ebay in the past.


Do you have any equine related crafts you would like to share?


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