Super Easy DIY Mesh Wreath

Barn Door Decor! Does not get much easier than this…

I have seen these cuties all over the internet DIY Easy Tulle/Mesh Wreaths. If you can’t beat em join em. I have not been in the crafty spirit for quite some time.

I decided it was time.

Supply List Includes


Don’t have tulle? Use old T-shirts etc


Floral Wire

Actually any wire or string that your comfortable using.

Wreath Base

Use what you have tip:

Do not have a wreath base? Use that old laundry basket.



Since, we are busy people. Theses instructions are super easy!
Are you ready

Cut mesh into foot or so sections
Scrunch tie bend and twist

Make your way along that wreath.

Add Bling

Add something that makes it you!

I plan on making one with barrels for the Canchaser!

However, this one has a racing bit for my love of Horse Racing.

Easy Barn Yard Decor

Easy Barn Yard Decor

 Double Duty Idea:

Make a few of these for ornaments for your trees outside.

The filly …my mini me… would love it if we decorated more. I love the idea of decorating for holidays as well as the seasons. I just need to get with the program.

Barn Door Decor

I enjoyed making this little wreath. A little Crafty Me Time!

What are your favorite wreaths to make.

Need a little more inspiration check out my DIY Old Farmhouse Door turned mirror and chalkboard!

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