Step 2 of the 9 Day 9 Minutes Re Organize your Barn Challenge

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Welcome Back for Step 2!

What are your emergency items? and Where are they located?

Are they in a spot that is easy to get to?

9 Days 9 Minute Re Organize your Barn Challenge.

(I would say Day 2 but I know some people like to

skip ahead! Why wait? Or on the other hand life

gets in the way.

(I myself am famous for procrastination!)

Day one was about getting rid of the Trash! Stop by for a free Printable!

I know you may have not have sorted through

everything that needs to go but that is ok!

Keep Working on It!

Every Journey begins with the first step!

9 days and 9 minutes will add up quickly.

I might be just a little bit bias but I believe these girls are beautiful so I have to tell hubby I must keep them 😉 not like they were going anywhere anytime soon lol. Well we did go do some Cattle Sorting recently you can read more about What we are up to now here.

Today’s Challenge:
Where is your Emergency Equipment ?

I totally freak out if my bolt cutters or fencing

pliers are not by the door!

As well as a halter lead and a good Flashlight.

And a basic first aid kit.

Contact Information is so very important and a

step I need to implement my self!


I simply have them hanging on a hook right by the



Do you have Emergency Items you like keep by

the door?

Do you have an organized first aid kit?

If you need ideas check out this post.

Are there items that drive you crazy if they are not

put back where they are supposed to be?

The Budget Equestrian has a good YouTube video

about setting up your Equine First Aid Kit.


Today’s Free Printable Here!

A cute little horse shaped as a heart with the

wording below. Trust me its cute. Check It Out 🙂



a loyal creature, a dedicated partner,

and faithful friend.

for those who love them this is not a phase.

“to ride a horse is to fly without wings.”

Next Up:

Barn Door Entry

Let’s make it pretty!

Find an old wreath and add some color and an

old bit!

You can do it!

Check out this post on making a simple barn wreath!



If you are rolling your eyes thinking really.

You are not alone.

I took the time to toss a wreath on our barn

door… it makes me smile:)

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