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Popular Equine Trail Riding Apps

It is time to hit the trails. Not that there is ever a bad time.

What is your favorite App or GPS device?

With summer quickly approaching, after a long drawn out winter. I don’t believe we had many warm beautiful spring days this year. Camping and trail riding has finally made it to the top of the list for things to do! Fun on the Run! Let the summer begin! It is time to load and GO!

Oh my goodness it seems like it has been forever since I have taken the time to appreciate some of the finer things in life! I need to go for a nice peaceful relaxing ride!

I have had cabin fever for seems like a year. How about you? I did not get to ride much last year. Or this year as a matter of fact. And this pattern of behavior must change!

Weather you trail ride for the day, week, weekend, month or year. And you are a beginner, amateur, jack of all trades mater of none, weekend warrior, or the advanced geocaching, back country, professional trail rider. We all like to pat ourselves on the back and say yeah I did that. Everyone loves to talk about their rides. Good and Bad.

Let’s admit it we like to view our accomplishments.

Who does not like set a goal and hit it? Ride for a few hours or more than a few miles. Maybe even for casual conversation. Ya know we rode 25 miles this weekend. Yes! Or haven’t we been on this trail already? Left, right, straight, dammit which way do we go. Around and around nobody knows except for those who are prepared, or pay attention to more than just the peacefulness of the journey. Maybe for those who haven’t been paying attention. And for those taking time to smell the roses and enjoying a sip or two.

What apps or gps units are popular for the trail riding crowd? While many prefer just to buy a hand held GPS such as the Garmin etex or Map64. Or a Delorme PN-60

Others prefer to use their phones.

Popular Apps for Tracking Your Ride

Free and Paid Versions

Sports Tracker has a horseback option

Geo Tracker (works off satellite if you loose signal)

All Trails App (one time fee works with no signal)

X on Hunt you can save your ride on the horse your on.

Walk for the Dog

Horse Riding Tracker

Equilab (pick your horse)

Equitrail (easier on your battery)

KER Clockit Sport


Easy Trails ( can use in airplane mode)

Map my Tracks

All Trails (horseback riding mode)

Ramblr (can use in airplane mode)

Map my Hike

Terra Map




Endomondo (app by under armour has horse trail setting)


Samsung Health (horseback riding option).

FitBit App (tracks mileage)


One word of caution many Apps may drain your cell phone battery looking for signal. Some people put their phones on airplane mode while others turn off their mobile networking. While personally I like to have my phone on me while I ride. It has been difficult to keep a charged phone.

The solution portable charger! Solar or USB Portable Charger.

Many Apps for trail riding seem to be good for a few hours depending on your battery. I personally am in need of a serious updated phone. A few good pictures or videos my phone is done.

For Off the Grid

Recomedations include

Spot 3 GPS with yearly contract

Always curious to know what others are using. Feel Free to drop a comment on what you use and likes and dislikes. Happy Trails…


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