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    DIY Western Theme T Shirt

    Good Morning World …. While surfing today I found this inspiring little t shirt idea made by Oma and Opa from  Grandparentsplus.com here is their link  Cute Horse Inspired T Shirt Ideas I am lovin the idea! They used a Wyoming steamboat stencil as a pattern one of my personal favorites. I would also probably use some rodeo stencils and barrel racing along with track racing horses ! The next time I race I am going to use this idea for our “racing theme” t shirts it’s always fun to go to Indiana Downs and know what horse is associated with the people. Oma and Opa Cut out some freezer paper…

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    Almost but not quite Grandma’s Popcorn Balls

    I just love Grandma’s Pop Corn Balls although I have seen this recipe on many other sites this is the recipe Grandma Afton uses………tried and true….Rookie Cookers use caution!lol Making “Grandma’s Popcorn Balls” is not for the faint of heart. Since I am no “Betty Crocker” or “Martha” I had issues I popped my pop corn in a pot on the stove which I think there is an art to just popping the corn. I only burned a little bit ….not to bad…. Then I started on the caramel 1. make sure your pot is large enough …. lesson learned mine boiled over a smite bit..okay all over the stove……

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    Inspiring Ideas For Our Bedroom- Lighting

    Oh my dear its the middle of the night and I have decided to look on Pinterest for inspiring ideas for our bedroom. I am getting pretty excited about this room redo as we have been in our home for around five years and it is time for some sort of update around here. I have chosen our master bedroom first. I believe the bedroom should be a comfortable “safe haven” a place to just hide from the world, relax, and enjoy. Okay so I am stretching it a bit I just want a luxurious place to lay my head next to my hubby and just go Ahhh. I have…

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    Where my mind has wondered today … Dehydrating Eggs 

    Why my mind has wondered there who knows …. Actually a family member was talking about how other family members are “preppers” we all have our own beliefs and various reasons for doing things the way we do. Every once in a while I wonder where my children get their sense of imagination and investigation from. (Squirrel) They make me look twice some days and other days, I just chalk it up to they are our children and they get it honestly. I remember as a child my father would subscribe to “The Mother Earth News” magazine and it always intrigued me, I never did do any of the  experiments…

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    Tierd of muddy walkways …. Yet another pallet project

    Good bye ice and snow! Welcome mud well not really however as I was surfing this morning I came across a cute lil project “the roll up boardwalk” as seen on Pinterest and Hometalk step by step directions or as I call them destructions can be viewed at www.finehomebuilding.com/how-to/tips/roll-up-Boardwalk perfect project for ye ole skid wood you and I have laying around I believe my first path needs to lead to our wood boiler then we will go from there lol

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    Advocare Spark Energy Drink for the Equestrain

    I must give credit where credit is due… lol Thank you Bekah Callaway Advocare Rep for turning me onto this. I enjoy a good energy drink from time to time! My choice Advocare Spark at the moment my fave flavor is mandarin orange, although I do enjoy their other flavors also and I have only had their “energy shots” once on a solo trip (I had my mighty side kick Brave with me) to get my horse from the trainer at Fairmount Park Illinois, let me tell you that is really good stuff!!!!! I believe it helped me stay alert on the long haul…. More on Advocare coming soon.

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    DoTerra Essential Oils For All Your Equine

    Here is a shout out to the wonderful ladies out in Wyoming who sent me some samples for my horses and I! More to come on this adventure soon! I am finding is Doterra’s oils are made for the whole family two legged and four!….Links on getting started coming soon! I would love to know more about your experiences with essential oils.

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    Our Latest Adventure Booking our Trip To Disney These are some of the deals !

    https://www.livingsocial.com/deals/1237736-two-hour-salt-water-fishing-trip-for-two?ref=share-undefined-copy_box-web-deals&rui=97787485&rpi=188823998 cant wait to go fishing with the Shark Bait Company will let you all know how it goes we purchased our tickets thru living social yeah! They have had pretty good reviews I hope to add to that list 🙂 We also booked a boat tour ohhhhh the joy I also hope it is as good as the reviews:) https://www.livingsocial.com/deals/1236286-2-hour-swim-with-dolphins-manatees-tour-for-2?ref=share-undefined-copy_box-web-deals&rui=97787485&rpi=188824714

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    Easy Biscuits And Gravy No Fail

    So today I had the luxury of spending the evening with Gma B. Our challenge today to teach me how to cook biscuits and gravy….Not out of a packet or a can….hahaha Challenge was met! After years of trial and error I gave up I cannot follow a recipe to save my bum. However today I can say I have finally accomplished one of my life long goals of wanting to learn how to make Yummy B&G. We go camping every year and wish I knew how to make gravy from scratch (not that the packets are not edible they are! lol)however this simple recipe is so much easier and…

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    Easy Peasy Meatloaf

    Oh yes my family and friends you will never believe it This recipe is so simple even I could do it OH and by the way I did and it was edible that was the best part. I am sure someome has a patent on this recipe however I a guy at work gave me this recipe one lb. meat (I used hamburger) and doubled the recipe one egg one cup breading ( I had some boxed stuffing that needed used) seasoning (salt pepper onion garlic) mix cover with ketchup toss in oven 350 and just kinda keep an eye on it time wise lolol

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