Equine First Aid Kit… What is in yours?

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What are your go to items in your Equine First Aid Kit…What is in yours? Below is various ideas to add to your essential first aid kit.

Household Items Commonly Found

in a

Equine First Aid Box

Disposable Gloves, Rubbing Alcohol, Peroxide, . Gauze and Cotton Balls, Athletic Tape, Tweezers, Scissors, Elastic Bandages, Large and Small Bandages, Super Glue (possible temporary stitches) , Duct Tape (Possible Stari Strips) fold into squares to save space, Diapers/Feminine Pads (work great as bandages), Band aids, Syringes, Bug repellent wipes and Benadryl or any other form of antihistamine, Neosporin (I prefer Vaseline and Tea Tree Oil).

Suggested First Aid Kit Items

For your first aid kit at home in the barn or horse trailer

Bute, Banamine, Penicillin, Electrolyte Gel Ask your Veterinarian

Vet wrap and or Polo Wraps

Thermometer Normal Horse Resting Temperature average 99-101 F

Stethascope  Average horse beats per minute 32-26 at rest

Probiotics for the gut

Beta-dine, Petroleum Jelly,

Mineral Oil,

Saline Solution for horse or riders eyes


Extra Halter and Lead Rope or  (Cowboy Halter All in one)


Parachute Chord and or baling twine, can help save on space yet make a halter and lead rope if necessary.

Pocket Knife


Leatherman (All in one)

Collapsible water bucket And/Or Large Zip Lock Baggie for you or your horse.

Small bottles of whiskey may act as a sedative for a horse in distress also help topical pain.

Tea Tree Oil is my personal favorite for open wounds (can mix with Crisco it is easy on the hair, more soluble than Vaseline helps deter bugs ) Luv this stuff!

If your in snake country you might add:

Two ten inch pieces of water hose if you are in snake country in case horse gets bit in nose or mouth to help keep airways open!

Planning to visit cactus country:

Bring a comb helps pull the cacti

hydrogen peroxide, wonder dust blue kote , put in travel size bottles leave the rest in horse trailer. furazone, veterycin spray,  chlorhexidine (antiseptic), 7% iodine,Pink Lady for open wounds, Jones dressing, furacin ointment for wrapped wounds, veteracin, sterile water, witches hazel,  stapler (ask a vet for advice how to use in an emergency), comb to help remove cactus, adhesive tape, ice packs, ace bandage, a small roll of gauze that hardens like a cast (also works for lost shoes) arm and hammer solid deodorant stick for bee stings, clean cloth, hand sanitizer, multipurpose tool, ibuprofen, zip ties.

use electrolites when you have a source of water for horse to drink afterwards (contact vet for proper administration) can also give electrolytes year round in feed so when camping they will drink at night good also in spring and fall to prevent colic,

can also Use non diet coke or pepsi added to a couple gallons of water, the soda contains sugars and salts that horses usually like

tying up paste,

farrier tools, hoof pads (cut to size secure with duct tape for lost shoe), strong needle and tread, needle nose plyers, hemostat, drawing salve, sharp knife,  hoof pick

body wash

dormosodan gel, some form of sedation

blood stop, blood stop bandage (good for horses and humans)

hankerchief and compass

linement, epson salts,

mastitis medicine (tomorrow tubes) as an antibiotic for wounds also good for thrush.

apple wafers (contain minerals)

dex pills steriod for bee stings etc…? also can use mud,

dex or epineprine for stings

manna pro wafers, replenish minerals and nutrients

benedryl tablets for horses and humans contact vet for proper dosage

benedryl liquid tablets can also be cut open and put directly on stings


elasticon wrap more durable than vet wrap?

frozen sponges in the cooler

string, whistle, compass, scarf , sparpie,

Hoeopathic meds oral tablets from Boiron available on Amazon for more information. Always consult with a vet, doctor.

Aconite- physical or emotional trauma

Arnica-prevents bruising and bleeding (good for impacts)

Apis mellifica- good for stings or insect bites that are hot hives bee


witch hazel for stings and bites horses and humans

mineral oil and cheap turkey baster for collic

Ledum – tick bites, punctures bee stings

Carbo Veg- gas colic

Nux- colic, clears toxins and drugs

Phosphorus tro stop bleeding

Echinacea and cedron for rattle snake

Belladonna can help with certain types of infection and fever

rx equine website

quick guide for first aid and suplies

furasol spray space age blankets the little silver ones

pepto bismal

cooling towel

gall salve

small kit in a fanny pack

kit for saddle bag

kit for horse trailer/ barn

packets of salt to mix with water to make a saline salution to flush a wound

tampon to plug a deep wound

basic horse/ rider trauma class survial and self efense on trail classes to look into as well.

storage ideas

horn bag or cantle bag

small squeeze bottle filled with packets of anti biotic salt and sweezers bandaids and tampon, vet wrap, sanitary napkin,

tuck first aid items into an “easy boot”


quick clot clotting sponge on amazon

hose or a trimmed syringe

icy blue and absorbine linament

cordizone cream

quick clot sport silver

temporary filling formula

eye glass kit

advil. asprin, tums dental floss

3 in 1 oint\ment electical tape sewing kit antiseptic swabs, leather punch

dex, banamine and ace in a hard pencil case from walmart encased with sponges

old dvd for signaling purposes


lyte now bio avaiable in minutes

corona ointment in little packets put on sanitary pad and wrap around tack the is glalling stingt eze

wire cutters

bee sting stick


epi penmatches water straw

insert into each nostril so they remain open as the face swellstape the ends of syring or hose to softren the ends once the nose swells . when the swelling subsides the hose / syringe will fall out easily move the horse as little as possible so the venom travels more slowly

what can fit into a stowaway boot bag

saniary pad vet wrap duct take packets neoporin benadryl epi pen pocket knife tweezers sixxors band aids asprin salt for dehydration of humans bandana for sling or tie over wound cool neck wrap has an ingredient in it that when soaked creates a mild cold press wound clot

snake bite kit

skin stapler, stari strips, pre-strung sutures, aluma spray, tetanus booseter,

coagulating powder for large wounds

sunscreen insect repellant snacks

glow sticks matches, battery aluminum foil, can use to start fire with cotton from femine pads

water bottle treatment tablets

1 oz bottle alcohol and chlorhex scrub extra bottle water

magneisum fire starter slim jims trail mix chrustal light packets hand wipes, chewable asprin for heart pains, know cpr,

quick clot equine clot same thingsbut cheaper

cold winter weather 2-3 oz starter fluid


flash light

liquid childrens benadryl can be used topically for horses for stings ingested by humans

bloat-eze and asprin for mild colic

needle and dental floss

castile soap wipes


arnica montana for sprains strains bruises for people and animals

laminated copy of insurance card

socks to help stop blood

can of pepper spray in bear country

baby wipes

heat packs to keep feet warm

vinager douche plain as you can get pour out all vinager and clean it put mineral oil if your horse is colicing as the thin applicator will go back in the mouth easier than squirting it with a syringe as the horse may swallow the oil easier

hibicleanse for washing wounds clean white rags, puppy pads, wire snips, ‘

ichthamol saran wrap tri=hist granules, smso, swat, flint kit, pepsid ac,


fishing line, hooks, snare rope, tooth paste for bee stings, septic stick to stop bleeding,

can for boiling water

dryer sheets, fireblock , gum , hair tie, hand saw, perppermints, surveyors tape, trash bage twist ties,

vics vapor rub bugs hate the smell>?

gorrilla tape

baby oragel for numbing skin for stitches?

Zertec can be used in horses and people

laminitis stop herbs, colic herbs natual pain relief herbs,

gator ade pedia lyte

sam splint

emergency contact info on horse and rider

aloe gel

alcohol for horse and rider please sip responsibly

survival bag for trips

mounted safety courses expose you to gunfire police fire trucks, lights and sirens, fire and smoke, etc

soaking boot epsin salt and penniclin for snake bite>?

powder bute and powder pennicilian mixed with small amount of peppermint snapps, and put in a syringe administer like wormer

eqi colic releaf or stop colic

trauma gauze

5 day stress pack of transfer factor

preperation H to put on gall sores

remember to breath and stay calm and enjoy

road flares, for breaking down or starting fires’

walkie talkies

chap stick

wax or fingernail polish coated matches

stowaway packs

phone charger, solar charger, walkie talkies, gps

rain suit map

the bag hag horn and saddle bags


some say phone on rider others say phone on horse so they can track the horse

bed roll pup tenttarp rinderbox or firrestarter

chapstick money map

also add cell phone info in case your dog gets separtated

Soaked alfalfa cubes in zip lock bags for snack breaks

Gallon zip lock bag fill about 1/3 with cubes add couple inches water overnight

Colapsable saw

Wrap a couple feet of duct tape around a pencil or fold a rectangular shape

Head lamp

Leather pad cut to shape of shoe in case of loss of shoe

Walmart plastic sacks in case of rain to help prevent moisture

Garbage bags to fill with leaves etc to make bedding and warmeth

1 in nylon strap used as a rein or girth double as a leadline sissor snaps take up little room leather strings as well as shoe laces can be used also

Bandana for tack repair or injuries

Harbor freight has magnesium blocks carry a couple cotton balls dipped in vaseline will start damp kindling

Bee Sting Kit

10 benedryl , few hay cubes, fold up dog bowl to soak them in for

Cowboy halter


Chicago screws and/or Zip Ties


Handi Wipes (sealed in a zip lock bag)




survival bags

socks to help stop bleeding to keep blood smelling critters away and not look for dinner

for large cuts duct tape laceration puller duct tape on each side of wound not over it  and then sew together

“go Kit”





tampons mulipurpose firestarter, unroll use a bandage, plug deep wounds, string can be removed and used as a cord, can use as a straw  and filter water through the cotton batting

Trail marking tape as well as danger areas such as fences to alert others


Free U.S. topo map

packing tape some are good if it gets wet

Zip ties a couple make a substitute for the rope leather twine, clips and snaps…

poulice made of comfrey, plantain, and or yarrow

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DIY Horse Head Wreath 


DIY Horse Head Wreath

Here’s a cute fairly easy project I came up with. A DIY Horse Head Wreath. Inspired by all those lovely ladies and gentlemen out there via Pinterest Facebook Hometalk and Etsy. These beauties sell for money. One day I would love to open a little Etsy shop until then I will continue to dream. 🙂

Back to my story I haven’t taken the time to create a project in forever!  I decided today this is exactly what I was going to do.

I had grand plans of choosing a pattern on the internet transferring that to some cardboard.

Needless to say I forgot the cardboard.

So I winged it grabbed the Christmas paper and a marker and away I went.

With a little help from our cat the General. I gathered my supplies.

Smooth wire, wire cutters , old burlap ,chicken wire, needle nose pliers and the project started to take shape.


For the first try I believe it turned out pretty good.

Although, this DIY Horse Head wreath may not be classified as a wreath. To alter the design just add your favorite decor.  Share your creations! I would love to see what you have created! Thanks for stopping by ! Have a great day!

Shared with Twelve on Main Christmas Party

Ten Tips for your First Trip the NFR 2018


In December 2017 we went to the NFR on a budget. This was our first trip to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. We had fun, learned a little saw a lot. As with every adventure you must take the first step. Here’s a Ten Tip Checklist (for those on a budget) for your first trip to Las Vegas Wrangler National Finals Rodeo 2018.


We chose to go for the final round of the NFR (Wrangler National Finals Rodeo) after watching a rerun of 2016. One could think I did my homework, however we missed so much! Do your research and find the best places to go. Do the most with the time you have! Save money by going to the 2018 NFR on a budget. Sleep later!
When going someplace new for the first time like the National Finals Rodeo, I reach out. Find people who have been there and done that. Knowledge is power. Little did we know we had a lot to learn. Life is always full of surprises but if you can avoid even a few of the rookie mistakes! Hint download pop slots casino games on your phone (iphone and android) saved us a couple hundred dollars.


(Don’t like your seats for the 2018 NFR, read on.)

Where do people buy NFR tickets and what to do with them if you do not like the location of the seats? Some say thru their rodeo association or by them the day of at the Cowboy Christmas Ticket Exchange. Many people say they just go for the atmosphere at the hotel parties, shopping and entertainment and watch live feed at the hotels. Our search was on for the tickets, we checked eBay ,stubhub, ticketmaster. When we decided to go to the NFR we bought our tickets thru the official NFR website.Tickets seemed to be for sale all over Vegas but we did not want to take the chance. Are there any good deals out there? If so we did not find them.Cowboy Christmas has a first come first serve ticket service buy, sell, trade for a small fee above the ticket price.


We rolled the dice when we were searching for the best deal for a hotel and flight package and went with Travelosity several months before the event. Our package cost but around $625 tax title (airline tickets) and five nights at the Excalibur out the door… we opted for no luggage and did not pick our seat assignments to save some money… we packed our backpacks and away we went…the airlines seated us together…sweetness saved $50+ bucks. Download the EBATES app and receive extra savings when you buy online.Saved 36.00 last year when we remembered to use it.


We booked a night at a hotel in Indy where we could park and fly thru GROUPON We chose to stay at the Indianapolis Airport Holiday Inn for 35.00 for a night in a nice room,safe place to park the car and a free shuttle to the airport.


We knew we could ride a resort bus to Excalibur however we wanted to save a few coins and use Uber however Apps do not work well when your phone is dead and you lost your charger. So we saved Uber for other trips and rode the bus.

THE $20.00 TRICK

The $20.00 trick. One of favorite tips after doing our research on how to get the best deals in Vegas. I ran across this wonderful little tip. When you go to check in to your hotel put a twenty in-between your credit card and your drivers licence. We were a little nervous however thought what the heck we are here to gamble a little. The look on our faces must have been priceless when the lady behind the counter said “Please wait to tip me” when we are done and if you are happy with my services (free room upgrade!) Then I will accept your tip. Well worth that gamble!


Ask what hotels have the luxury buss’s pick one and get on and let them take you to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.


Hence, If your at the right place at the right time you can get free drinks from the casino. We were there five days and we each drank 5 free Coors Lights in a bottle. There were many people toting around their own drinks they brought with them.


After, the rodeo pick a hotel for the after party get on their luxury bus. We chose South Point. We never really found the after party this year. However, we enjoyed some live music and tasty drinks. Uber was our as our method of transportation back to Excalibur (We paid $15 including a tip).


Life is an adventure enjoy the ride. Ask questions. Listen to what others find fascinating. Implement what you have learned for your next trip. You can have fun at the Las Vegas 2018 NFR on a budget.

My “Blind” Date

(As I am rolling my eyes thinking REALLY… I am sure I  said it too.)

Now let’s be clear I have nothing against blind horses or ponies.

I admire them for their strength in this modern world where they can

so easily be tossed aside. (Some of my girls are getting old and I will

love them none the less if something were to ever happen to them.)

No I am not going to barrel race her. Just merely borrowed her for the

day for a little saddle time.

Easy is a 20 ish year old Blind POA (Pony of America aka An Appaloosa pony).

Technically I’d say she was borderline horse without getting the stick

out to measure.

Purchased by one of my best friends. Who is a big softy and has a

heart of gold.

The reason they were selling her was because they no longer liked to

pony her on trails.

Why in the world did she purchase this mare?

Imagine yourself talking to the wall, or talking to the hand as they use

to say.

Telling your friend she needs to find a horse she can trust.

Trying to get her to understand she just needs to get a middle aged

broke bombproof mare or gelding.

Easy was purchased as a companion anything else was a bonus.

I was shaking my head, when I saw the post on Facebook

My friend had commented on and stated she was very interested.

I knew before she even told me about this mare.

She was bringing her home.

Don’t even try to talk her out of it.

Let alone try to talk some sense into her.

And,  I get that, I really do. I swear.

I am a horse hoarder.

Long Story Short:

My hubby is my rock. I knew he had his own bundle of energy to

contain that day. Mentally, I kept thinking I’ve go this.

I knew if I rode her the camp cook had cheeseburger soup in the crock pot waiting back at camp. That reason alone is worth the ride.

Last week I saw a youngster riding her.

Yes, she was being ponied and life was grand!

My first personal initial encounter.

My friends and family are meeting up for a day ride.

The Weekend Warriors. The Night Riders.

Whatever name we chose that day to name ourselves.

The Nutty Riders came to mind that day.

The horse my niece was supposed to ride was to tender to ride on the

trails that day.

Needless to say, I gave up my horse so no one had to ride double that


And, chose to ride Easy.

Watch for my upcoming post:

3 Amazing Things I’ve Learned about Riding a Blind Horse.

So here we go, ready for adventure…

I take my saddle over to Easy who had originally came to be ponied and get use to the trails today…

I force a smile. And a fake happy voice.

Here we go… I talk to her, telling her life is good. I  saddle her gently.

Taking care not to startle her.

I start to tighten the cinch.

And there she blows. Up and Over. And upside down.

Knowing darn good and well horses read body language and can feel

your every move. I swear some can even read your mind. I thought

my fake happy voice had won her over. Not so much.

There I stand still shaking my head.

I understand having her as a pasture pet.

I know that she deserves and loves attention as she


That is cool that she can be ponied with kids. I have seen

many horses who have issues and but take the weight of a kid

happily. (reasons for this attitude is endless)

But,You want me to ride her?

As I am standing there in pure amazement my friend takes her off to

the side and has a few words of wisdom with her.

Okay, she simply lunges her for a few minutes.

And comes back and says your choice you don’t have to.

With that look…  come on she’s a good horse just give her a chance.

Ugh, doing what any good friend would do on a RARE occasion.

Having the gut feeling all was going to be okay.

I agreed. Stomping around like a two year old who just got their toy

took away.

I will ride her. And I did.

My plan, KISS.

Keep It Simple Stupid! Applies to so much in life.

Just get me to the woods.

Keep her pasture pal close and

keep moving forward.

As I mumbled under my breath, If I don’t you never will.

Come on like you have never told your best friend this.

What was going thru my mind:

Sounds like the kids that were riding her are growing up and ready to

move on?

She had to be safe because the owner had medical issues and he rode


Again, really I understand. It’s all good. I am going to ride her.

After all, I did see her being ponied with a youngster last weekend for

a few minutes and all went well.

My mane motivation: no pun intended.

If She’s Lived This Long She

Must Be A Good Horse…

There, I admit it I am a beWILDered Chicken…

Definition of bewildered perplexed, confused, bemused. I have no

reason to be a chicken but I am to be honest it perplexes me.

Seriously, though I am not as fit and/or as brave as I use to be.

I need to start excising daily! Getting fit mentally and physically is a

bonus when dealing with horses.

Like myself, my friend is a dreamer.

Believes there is a horse out there that will love her unconditionally.

She already has one (and so do I). However, if your are still reading


You know as well as I do horses are an addiction and most of us can

not have just one.

 But,She Chose This One… Really

Yes, I know with all the “good” horses out there.

You know the problem free, kind, easy keepers, well broke, bomb

proof etc. You know the type.

blind horse

She chose Easy the ole blind mare.

Yes we have been around horses for a long time.No we do not know it all. Life is all about learning more. Pretty confident we know what we are getting our selves into.  We simply are not professionals, trainers, etc. Our goal is to have a good time riding. Mine is to make it back into the arena and run. However, right now it is just getting saddle time!

Disclosure: About Easy’s Owner

  1. She is willingly and able to provide this horse a stable home.
  2. The sole reason for purchasing this horse was for her to be a pasture pet as well as a companion. Any thing else was just a bonus.
  3. Yes she has rescued horses before.
  4. Guess What I Learned Quite a Few Lessons from Easy the Old Blind Mare. Our Ride Post is Coming Soon!

Super Easy DIY Mesh Wreath

Barn Door Decor! Does not get much easier than this…

I have seen these cuties all over the internet DIY Easy Tulle/Mesh Wreaths. If you can’t beat em join em. I have not been in the crafty spirit for quite some time.

I decided it was time.

Supply List Includes


Don’t have tulle? Use old T-shirts etc


Floral Wire

Actually any wire or string that your comfortable using.

Wreath Base

Use what you have tip:

Do not have a wreath base? Use that old laundry basket.



Since, we are busy people. Theses instructions are super easy!
Are you ready

Cut mesh into foot or so sections
Scrunch tie bend and twist

Make your way along that wreath.

Add Bling

Add something that makes it you!

I plan on making one with barrels for the Canchaser!

However, this one has a racing bit for my love of Horse Racing.

Easy Barn Yard Decor
Easy Barn Yard Decor

 Double Duty Idea:

Make a few of these for ornaments for your trees outside.

The filly …my mini me… would love it if we decorated more. I love the idea of decorating for holidays as well as the seasons. I just need to get with the program.

Barn Door Decor

I enjoyed making this little wreath. A little Crafty Me Time!

What are your favorite wreaths to make.

Need a little more inspiration check out my DIY Old Farmhouse Door turned mirror and chalkboard!

A letter to the dreamer…

Dear Dreamer,

Live your wildest dreams set a goal no matter how big or how small. Barrel Racing may not be your thing. It’s ok! However, maybe it is.

You don’t have to be the badest of the bad. And “have it all” to have a good time. It is ok to go have fun! Don’t get intimidated by others. It takes all kinds to promote a sport. The beginners intermediate advanced. You know everything from the weekend warriors to the pro’s. I recently went to a speed show to merely have fun! Yes, there are always the debbiedowners. Look past them ( you know your entry fee “donations” go for a good cause and their payback so with out the little people the shows would be even smaller than they are now. I am pretty sure that is why the 3D was born. Few are natural born pro’s most had to start somewhere or like me restart. Surround yourself with those who “get you just want to enjoy so fun saddle time”.

Go get ’em

Even in your dreams