Natural Fly Control Ideas

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 Natural Fly Control Traps

Check out these amazing natural fly control ideas! From DIY to feed supplements there are alternative ways to aid in the control of flies.




Two Liter Trap

Two Liter Soda Bottle poke pencil size holes in it for the flies to fly into

Add Raw Hamburger or something similar that the flies will like

the liter bottle traps the flies.


Penny in a Zip lock bag

Put a penny in a zip lock bag

Fill half way full of water

Hang near your livestock’s favorite hangouts

Some swear by this. I tried it can not say it did or didn’t work.

Mythbusters ran an episode and came to the conclusion that it did not

Work but hey what is it going to hurt.


Tips for using natural fly traps

You should put them a little farther away than you think. The dead

flies you catch draw more flies to the area where you put the fly trap.

Dead flies stink and bring on more flies so it is important to dispose

of regularly.

Other Natural Fly Eliminating Ideas

Fly Stoppers from SmartPak

Tiny bugs that destroy fly pupae and lay there eggs in them therefor destroying the larva so they cannot become adult flies.

Natural Fly Traps or these available on amazon two packs starting at 10.12


Fly Control Mineral Block


What are your favorite fly deterring ideas?

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