Free Christmas Wishlist Download

Okay, Peeps This post may certainly end up under my blogging mistakes, a pinterest fails, yadayadayada.

However, this is a test I will reassure you it is okay!

Why you ask? How many of you caught my grammatical error?

WISHLIST IS NOT A WORD according to the Webster, and Urban dictionary.

The term wishlist is two words for those who like to be politaclly correct. i.e Wish List.

Bloggers all over the world are guilty of using the term wishlist in Pinterest posts, gift guides, etc.

Bam, What I know right ..When I was editing I should have paid just a little more attention.

Then I would not have to go back and redo this post.

However, since I want to utilize this post for future years around Christmas time I better get this little huge issue fixed.

There is not time like the present no pun intended to correct this post.

However, since this is a test I am going to let this post go live.

I want to make sure I am going thru all the proper steps for activating the printable so you can download future CanChasin Inspiration!

Thank you for your patience !

I just spent hours going over instruction again and again from blogger Tracy Lynn who hosts Simple Living Country Girl.

Tracy provides new bloggers instruction with her courses.

The class I am taking is how to create a lead magnet. Learning how to share a printable with your reader.

If I were to take a poll how many of you would have thought wishlist was indeed a word?

You know I am asking for a friend lol.

I know technically I am sure that lol is not a word either, but I am going to use it anyways.

The beauty of being a blogger you can print what ever your little heart desires!

Thank you for stopping by and come back soon for more CanChasin Inspiration!

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