My “Blind” Date

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(As I am rolling my eyes thinking REALLY… I am sure I  said it too.)

Now let’s be clear I have nothing against blind horses or ponies.

I admire them for their strength in this modern world where they can

so easily be tossed aside. (Some of my girls are getting old and I will

love them none the less if something were to ever happen to them.)

No I am not going to barrel race her. Just merely borrowed her for the

day for a little saddle time.

Easy is a 20 ish year old Blind POA (Pony of America aka An Appaloosa pony).

Technically I’d say she was borderline horse without getting the stick

out to measure.

Purchased by one of my best friends. Who is a big softy and has a

heart of gold.

The reason they were selling her was because they no longer liked to

pony her on trails.

Why in the world did she purchase this mare?

Imagine yourself talking to the wall, or talking to the hand as they use

to say.

Telling your friend she needs to find a horse she can trust.

Trying to get her to understand she just needs to get a middle aged

broke bombproof mare or gelding.

Easy was purchased as a companion anything else was a bonus.

I was shaking my head, when I saw the post on Facebook

My friend had commented on and stated she was very interested.

I knew before she even told me about this mare.

She was bringing her home.

Don’t even try to talk her out of it.

Let alone try to talk some sense into her.

And,  I get that, I really do. I swear.

I am a horse hoarder.

Long Story Short:

My hubby is my rock. I knew he had his own bundle of energy to

contain that day. Mentally, I kept thinking I’ve go this.

I knew if I rode her the camp cook had cheeseburger soup in the crock pot waiting back at camp. That reason alone is worth the ride.

Last week I saw a youngster riding her.

Yes, she was being ponied and life was grand!

My first personal initial encounter.

My friends and family are meeting up for a day ride.

The Weekend Warriors. The Night Riders.

Whatever name we chose that day to name ourselves.

The Nutty Riders came to mind that day.

The horse my niece was supposed to ride was to tender to ride on the

trails that day.

Needless to say, I gave up my horse so no one had to ride double that


And, chose to ride Easy.

Watch for my upcoming post:

3 Amazing Things I’ve Learned about Riding a Blind Horse.

So here we go, ready for adventure…

I take my saddle over to Easy who had originally came to be ponied and get use to the trails today…

I force a smile. And a fake happy voice.

Here we go… I talk to her, telling her life is good. I  saddle her gently.

Taking care not to startle her.

I start to tighten the cinch.

And there she blows. Up and Over. And upside down.

Knowing darn good and well horses read body language and can feel

your every move. I swear some can even read your mind. I thought

my fake happy voice had won her over. Not so much.

There I stand still shaking my head.

I understand having her as a pasture pet.

I know that she deserves and loves attention as she


That is cool that she can be ponied with kids. I have seen

many horses who have issues and but take the weight of a kid

happily. (reasons for this attitude is endless)

But,You want me to ride her?

As I am standing there in pure amazement my friend takes her off to

the side and has a few words of wisdom with her.

Okay, she simply lunges her for a few minutes.

And comes back and says your choice you don’t have to.

With that look…  come on she’s a good horse just give her a chance.

Ugh, doing what any good friend would do on a RARE occasion.

Having the gut feeling all was going to be okay.

I agreed. Stomping around like a two year old who just got their toy

took away.

I will ride her. And I did.

My plan, KISS.

Keep It Simple Stupid! Applies to so much in life.

Just get me to the woods.

Keep her pasture pal close and

keep moving forward.

As I mumbled under my breath, If I don’t you never will.

Come on like you have never told your best friend this.

What was going thru my mind:

Sounds like the kids that were riding her are growing up and ready to

move on?

She had to be safe because the owner had medical issues and he rode


Again, really I understand. It’s all good. I am going to ride her.

After all, I did see her being ponied with a youngster last weekend for

a few minutes and all went well.

My mane motivation: no pun intended.

If She’s Lived This Long She

Must Be A Good Horse…

There, I admit it I am a beWILDered Chicken…

Definition of bewildered perplexed, confused, bemused. I have no

reason to be a chicken but I am to be honest it perplexes me.

Seriously, though I am not as fit and/or as brave as I use to be.

I need to start excising daily! Getting fit mentally and physically is a

bonus when dealing with horses.

Like myself, my friend is a dreamer.

Believes there is a horse out there that will love her unconditionally.

She already has one (and so do I). However, if your are still reading


You know as well as I do horses are an addiction and most of us can

not have just one.

 But,She Chose This One… Really

Yes, I know with all the “good” horses out there.

You know the problem free, kind, easy keepers, well broke, bomb

proof etc. You know the type.

blind horse

She chose Easy the ole blind mare.

Yes we have been around horses for a long time.No we do not know it all. Life is all about learning more. Pretty confident we know what we are getting our selves into.  We simply are not professionals, trainers, etc. Our goal is to have a good time riding. Mine is to make it back into the arena and run. However, right now it is just getting saddle time!

Disclosure: About Easy’s Owner

  1. She is willingly and able to provide this horse a stable home.
  2. The sole reason for purchasing this horse was for her to be a pasture pet as well as a companion. Any thing else was just a bonus.
  3. Yes she has rescued horses before.
  4. Guess What I Learned Quite a Few Lessons from Easy the Old Blind Mare. Our Ride Post is Coming Soon!

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