Make A Cowboy Rag Valentines Day Gift Idea for Men

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Valentines Day is just around the corner. Nothings better than a hand made gift. Just sayin’! Or you can cheat I won’t tell and buy this one from Etsy

Make your Cowboy a wild rodeo rag (Scarf). A great Valentines Day gift idea for men in your life.

Ok so there are some things that are better than some of MY homemade gifts.

If only I kept pictures of my Pinterest fails.

What girl wouldn’t want another horse, some new  tack ,silver bling,  and a bottle of wine or shine. Wait the shine is home made too.

But we are not talking about gifts for us. We are talking about Hand made gifts for men ideas.

What are You going to Gift the Cowboy in Your Life for Valentines Day?

Wild Rags, Scarfs, Rodeo Rags, Handkerchiefs

They go by many names.

And, I love them on a cold winter day!

(The one below is from Amazon 🙂

And your Cowboy will too!

Simple yet Elegant and Rugged.

Gorgeous Quality Scarfs for the Handsome Rugged yet simply Irresistible Cowboy

Silk they say is the only way to go.

Lightweight and breathable a solid choice

for all four seasons.

However, I have seen some beautiful silk blends that I would not rule out.


The sizes vary.

I personally like the ones that are the size of a

large handkerchief 34 1/2″ x 34 1/2″.

And I want one in every color.

I mean I want to make one for my cowboy in classic black.

A rich universal color that looks just as good

with a pair of dusty ole wranglers chasing a cow

as it does in a new suit jacket on a hot date.

Grab some material cut to size and watch this video !

How to Roll the Edges of a Silk Scarf

I prefer the rolled edges  versus

(for the lack of proper terminology)

running it through a sewing machine and giving it a hem job.

I know there are some fancy machines out there but I couldn’t

resist finding me a YouTube worthy video worth watching.

Feel Free to watch it below.

I wanted to learn how to roll silk and wallah check it out:

(Psst: The above video is not property of CanChasin and is property of it’s rightful owner.)

Did you make a Rodeo/Cowboy winter rag?

Continue Scrolling for Tips on

How to Tie Your Cowboy Rag

For Those Of You Who Lack Time and Patience

To make  a DIY Kick @SS Wild Cowboy Rodeo Rag.

I Recommend buying one from Etsy!

Yep I believe that is the way to go!

Simple Sexy Handsomely Made… Just not by you. LOL

I love the one below Available on Etsy from Knotatail! 

However if your looking for some inspiration to do it yourself here ya go!

Various silk patterns:


Need Help Learning How to Tie Your New Rag

(p.s this video is also property of its rightful owner 🙂

Don’t want to mess with learning how to tie scarf knots?

Need a place to store your scarfs?

And how fun it would be to create your own treasures with your style.

And make Valentines Day Gifts for Men

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If You Are Still Reading:

Oh my Gosh, While researching how to make my own DIY Wild Rodeo Cowboy Rags

I found this… What Man Wouldn’t Love This? Another great Valentines day gift idea for men.

I am a huge fan of Pink and her aerial dancing
I personally can not wait until her tour comes back around ! Although her last performance with front row seats by fluke will be hard to beat.

I love dancing and singing Pink songs with my Niece who is her biggest silent fan!

Although my niece can not carry a conversation very well she can sing along with Pink:)

Anywhooo back to Wild @ss Cowboy Rodeo Rags Good Luck!

Tata for now!


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