Kids Camping Project

Since I am still learning about this blogging adventure and should do more research so you know things would look proper and pretty well that’s just not me I like to put the cart before the horse just ask my hubby he will be the first to agree. Anywho I have started to collect cute project the kids can do that they will a. be proud of b. keep them happily entertained while I am c. blindly staring at a campfire in the middle of the afternoon after a good ride or a nice long hike or some sort of wildy adventure we get into and they have so much energy left if we could only harness that energy we probably wouldn’t have to pay utilities
Alright I will get on with it the project I found today was from hometalk -the blogger:
adorable paper bowls you’ve got to check them out she just cut around 3 inch sheets of newspaper and stated wrapping them with a skewer then rolling them up pure genius I am posting this now so I have it for future reference when I actually know how to share the awesome projects I find
until then I am just going to post away……..have a great day

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