Junk to Jewels American Pickers of Horse Tack

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Junk to Jewels

Who doesn’t have some tack in their barn that looks like this. Junk to Jewels specializes in bringing the life back to old, outdated tack for affordable prices. Check them out on Facebook!

Who they are…

Junk to Jewels created by business partners Meredith Garrett and Beverly Carpenter. Think of them as the American Pickers of horse tack! They go and find those fabulous pieces, clean them up , hand pick stones and paint colors and give them a new purpose in life.

But wait there is more…

You can send them your tack and they will creatively restore them to your specifications at a LOW COST.

What they do…

Junk to Jewels is a new concept created to salvage, refurbish, restore old, used, unwanted, and previously “once loved” horse tack.

Why they do it…

They take tack the once looked beautiful, but now is out-dated, unwanted, used, or otherwise no longer relevant to a persons current style and they give it a fresh new look.

Their Inspiration…

Came from the constant urge every equestrian girl has for beautiful tack. However, they wanted to be unique, offer affordable and cost effective.


How Junk to Jewels got started… by Accident?

Meredith and Beverly decided to change their tack sets and colors. They really could not find someone that could nail the colors they were looking for. So they decided they would just get tack and paint it the color they were looking for!

Long story short, as they went to various horse shows and other equine related events people started asking them where they got their tack sets.

Word Got Around…

They were buying used tack sets and putting their unique twists on them. Family, friends, and locals started to  send them their tack sets to be refurbished in their favorite colors and patterns.

How long have they been around?

Junk to Jewels have been customizing tack sets for two years locally and recently launched their Facebook business page in April of 2018.

Rescuing Tack is their Specialty

Re-purpose and recycle give new life to old tack.  Don’t throw your old stuff away there are many families out there who cannot afford the custom tack sets and there are plenty of little girls who just want to “hang with the big dogs” with their pretty blinged out tack!

Specialty Tack for ALL Budgets!

Junk to Jewels works with every family’s budget! They want to ensure every person who wants a custom blingy tack set has the ability to have one.

Where can you find JUNK TO JEWELS?

Junk to Jewels can be found on Facebook. They have previously loved newly customized tack sets available as well as contact them to rejuvenate your tack set!




Do You Have That Special Loved Tack that could use a new face lift?






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