Inspiring Ideas For Our Bedroom- Lighting

Oh my dear its the middle of the night and I have decided to look on Pinterest for inspiring ideas for our bedroom. I am getting pretty excited about this room redo as we have been in our home for around five years and it is time for some sort of update around here. I have chosen our master bedroom first. I believe the bedroom should be a comfortable “safe haven” a place to just hide from the world, relax, and enjoy. Okay so I am stretching it a bit I just want a luxurious place to lay my head next to my hubby and just go Ahhh. I have started to collect the items needed for this redo that if I am lucky we will take a weekend to do in the next month or two ( the weather is still nice to many adventures to do outside ) I’ve been searching pinterest from time to time looking for this rustic idea I have in my head to show my ever lovin when I told him barn wood he was ok with that I said a lil bit of rusty barn tin …. he looked a little perplexed I laughed and told him it would be ok honest…. I had been looking for a light fixture and think I may have finally found the one… texas-lone-star-chandelier-diy-flicr
I know absolutely zero about flickr or how to navigate or give credit but that is where I found it on pinterest forwarded to flickr I think this is a brilliant idea and the stars are on clearance at TSC right now or they were last week anyways I wanted to grab a couple then but am tired of getting things just because I like it… no more hoarding for me lol however now I truly wish I would have grabbed them up……
hopefully this link to my pinterest 🙂

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