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Indiana Quarter Horse Racing

Whoooo Hoooo ! I am excited even though I doubt I race a horse this year(however if all goes well and it is in my lucky stars look for me in 2016 with Bad Kitty :D, her dam is Joanie Dash and Sire is Identity Theft ) Ya know… as I said before I don’t always follow every move my favorites make but when I do you know I will have to post my rants and raves here for all the world to see haha I suppose it is a good thing I am in my own little world here haha
This year they will have 120 live racing dates from April 21, 2015 to October 31,2015…..Ohhhhh yeah! for more information or to join in on the fun you can visit www.indianaquarterhorseracing.com and/or Indianagrand.com
How do you bet by conformation,color, pedigree, stats, long shots, or just a whim and by the seat of your pants….lol

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