How to build your own Equestrian Blog

Let’s learn together!  I am new to the blogging game. And, am so exited to share with you, How to build your own equestrian blog. One of the first things I have learned from others is to tell your story, share your experiences. Odds are good if you are here we have something in common. Could  it be our love of horses, life in the country, traveling to equestrian events on a budget, rants, raves, reviews. The second is to teach others how to blog. The third is to spread the sunshine. You too can have fun  sharing your story. Learn from other bloggers that share their mistakes as well as their victories. RESEARCH helps, however limit it as I tend to get lost in the system. Probably, because I have the attention span as a squirrel. But that is okay. I am who I am.

Are you ready?

Yes! Let’s do this.

The first step: Cart before the horse

How to build your Equestrian Blog:

Platforms and Begin Thinking about your Brand Name

There are many different platforms on the internet. A platform is the guts of your website. Where you share the information you want published. WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and more. WordPress is very popular and there are a ton of tutorials out there to help navigate thru. However, we will address that later. Many professional bloggers claim this is the best site (platform) to get your blog up and running. WordPress is also wonderful for those who want to monetize their blogs.

Since, some platforms do not allow monetizing and others make it difficult. WordPress welcomes monetizing with open arms. Best part  free. WordPress also includes free themes for your blog or website. There are other free platforms out there however your web address will be hard to remember such as Although it is not the rule there are exceptions. Keep in mind simple, catchy, easy to remember when coming up with your brand name.

The Horse:

Hosting Provider

This is where you get to choose your name. Your Brand. Your web address for the world to see.

While there are several host providers out there I currently use

I use to use hostgator however they claim by my personal error I chose to get billed twice a month for the same service for a year and In so many words said sorry about your luck were here if you want us. I do not plan on returning anytime soon. However had no other issues and they had good customer service.

Site ground has had excellent customer service up to date and charged me for a whole year for close to if not less than what host gator charged me in two months. I have seen numerous bloggers prefer siteground over the bluepress and hostgator they claim there are differences in all three. However as a beginner I feel this host is best for me.

Host providers such as who I was using charge between $3-15 a month prices may vary. It is a step by step process. Where you get to choose and purchase your domain name. Host Gator usually has a deal when you combine purchasing your domain and use them as a hosting provider. This month I believe you can get the first month hosting for a cent. Again remember that if you choose to go with a free website your domain name will be harder to remember. If you are setting up a blog that you hope to monetize this is the way to go blogging experts rave about WordPress.

If you are interested in learning more or choose Host Gator click here here you will receive a discount code for starting up your brand new blog!

Next, choose if you already have a domain name. If you do just type it in. Or, If not choose  a domain name that is unique, catchy and easy to remember. Again, you want people to be able to come back to your blog easily!

Choose your Domain

Type in your domain name you want click next Host Gator will tell you if your choice is available.

When you have chosen your domain click next.

I recommend the Hatchling plan (I use this) for beginners. They do have bigger plans available as your blog grows. While Host Gator offers programs such as site lock monitoring, professional email, and site back up this is not entirely necessary at this time and you can change it later if you feel you have the need.

Because people like choices! And blogging is not always one size fits all.

Some bloggers choose BlueHost

starting at 3.95 with CanChasin referral link. I have seen raving reviews about both!


Now to put the horse and the cart together

Log into your new Host Gator control panel and install WordPress.

At the top click “get started today with WordPress”

What if word press does not show up?

Scroll down and click on quick install under Software and Services. Look at the top left sidebar section. After you click on this Host Gator takes you to a site called This is where Host Gator installs WordPress.

Check out your new blog!

Once you have installed WordPress check your email for login information.


Now get Creative and Design your Blog

WordPress uses designs called themes. Several are free. You can also purchase themes for your blog in various places such as Etsy, and Ebay. I change my theme all the time. I have purchased thru Etsy and the lady was extremely helpful.  However I keep coming back to the themes available on WordPress.

How to install your theme:

Finally, you log in for the first time and every time after that you will see your Dashboard.

Hover over the Appearance tap and click themes.

Next, this is where you can choose a new WordPress theme for free. There are some available for purchase also. If you chose to purchase a theme elsewhere this is where you go to download it to your site by clicking the “ADD NEW”.  There is a feature filter that narrows your search down. Use this if you have a design in your mind and make it come to life. When you find a theme you like, install and activate.

Lastly,This is where you start to work your tail off. Do not give up! Click around and watch tutorials. Ask questions. You’ve got this! If I can do it you can too! I am not tech savvy. It is not to late to hop on the blogging train! Your never to old to learn new tricks. I have done plenty of research and have felt like “I am spinning my wheels and getting no where”. However, learning is a great way to keep your mind sharp and I believe this is a excellent challenge as well as a good place to keep my memories, tips and tricks, things I like to do, as well as items I enjoy to use, etc. I have a page that has helpful links from inspirational bloggers.