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Hello I am so glad your here. I have teamed up with Laura Szuca from www.wannabeintheribbons.com for the #horsebloggersmeetup challenge where Equine Bloggers are teamed up to collaborate.

You can follow her here and here.

While Laura is a Vlogger and primarily shares her work on Instagram as well as Facebook and Rides English and has a passion for eventing.

I am a aspiring blogger who primarily rides western. Although I am always intrigued by the various disciplines of horseback riding!

I enjoy trail riding and hopefully a little barrel racing and track prep this year. Always up for an equestrian related adventure my newest adventure has been cattle sorting.

( I do have an English saddle and I would like to attempt jumping one day however this year I am sure to use the  exercise saddle  #goals. )

CanChasin & Horse Racin

Although we are from different sides of the pond, as well as different disciplines.

We share a love of horses, vodka, blogging, and challenges as well as adventures.

Reason #1 Because You Can

Question One:

Introduce Yourself

Hello from across the pond!
My name is Tru Cahill from CanChasin.Com a blog for the nonprofessional horse lover.
While the blog name is slang for barrel racing the blog has more of a focus on random equine related subjects, getting back in the saddle again over forty, mini adventures, crafts and challenges.

A bit about myself:

While I wouldn’t make a good Vlogger a camera scares me lol I admire those who do.

My world revolves around my family and our farm. I have ten beautiful loving and some not so loving furry four legged lawn ornaments. Some I hope to put to work this year and have a little fun.

This fall I will be returning to school and continue pursuing a degree in recreational therapy.
And one day combine my passion for helping people with horses.
I’ve recently been appointed to the local 4H horse and pony board.

I have had horses my whole life and realize I know very little. And always willing to learn more.

I love trying new crazy things to do with my horses like the day we got to rob a train (for charity of course.)

Question Two:

Where did the idea of your blog CanChasin.Com come from?

CanChasin.Com currently undergoing a face lift came from my crafting days I purchased the URL may moons ago then discovered blogging and thought I would give it a whirl. I will love sharing my adventures as well as misadventures on the blog! And meeting new friends via  #horsebloggers meet up and #ruralbloggers

With the focus of my life changing from chasing barrels to chasing children, I haven’t spent much time in the saddle the last few years.

I have raised American Quarter Horses for many years throughout my life. Primarily bred for racing as well as barrel racing.

First Down”Tough”  by Dazzle N Scoot and Identity Theft

Question Three:

Tell Us a Bit More About Barrel Racing – For many in the UK it is not something we would get a chance to experience.

timid barrel racer

Barrel Racing is a western style equestrian sport that is very popular in America. It is a woman only sport when it comes to rodeo however local shows as well as barrel racing futurities, associations etc.  allow men, women and children all skill levels and ages.  It is an exhilarating sport. An Adrenalin rush. A challenge just you and your horse. Three Barrels set up in a cloverleaf pattern. The fastest time wins.

#barrelracing, #beginnerbarrelracer, #rodeo,  #barrelracer,

Check out this post about Barrel Racing for the Beginner 

Above video is property of its rightful owner 😁

Question Four:

What are your goals for 2019?

My goals for 2019 is to never stop learning and remember fear is only in your mind it is what you make of it that matters.  I have some rambunctious two year olds that need started and some older horses that need finished.

And, I would love to collaborate with other bloggers as well as dive deeper into blogging I believe it will be as fun as it is challenging.

Question Five:

blind horse

Give us your one horsey tip that would make owning a horse a bit easier?

Patience always remember if the horse is not doing what your asking it to do maybe you are not asking the right question and ask it a different way.

There may be thrills and spills. thrills and spillsBut when you saddle up I hope you enjoy your ride!

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