Horse Supplements What People are Saying

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What is your thoughts on supplements? What works for you and your horse? Let’s not be brutal remember horses are like people. What works for some may not work for others. As always contact your veterinarian with any questions you may have.

I like to write posts about where my mind has wondered today. Today’s hot topic: Supplements for the Barrel Horse. However, I like to think this carries over to the flat track racers, endurance riders, trail riders, back yard weekend warriors, lawn ornaments, as well as the barrel racers.

Here is what people are saying works for them. Do Not Forget Do Your Research!

Colostrum is good for tendons, ligaments and cartilage some recommendations include but not limited to:

AllStar from ForeFront or ForeJoint has Colostrum and Benecell


Animal Element Detox

Halo Optimized (for joints with no cartilage loss)

Hemp Seed Coconut Oil

CalTrace Pellets Plus for hoof growth




Fore75 Organic Coral Calcium for growing hooves

Cissus Quadrilants (herb)

SLH Feet & Bone (natural blend)

Digestive Aids

All Star products

Amino Acid supplements


Daily gold by Redmond Equine


In the Zone paste


Adequan and previcox ( some say feed thru don’t make it to the joints??)

Pentozan Gold

Hylaronic acid

Calming supplements

OE Composed D

OE Score

Composed Paste

In The Zone


Megnesium from MVP


TLC Calm the Storm

Oxygen Pozzi Relax (PreRace Paste or Daily Pellet)

Simply Equine


Plantacea Hemp pellets (CBD Pellets)


To Help Moody Mares


Raspberry Leaves

What types of supplements do you like to use and why? Do you have proven results? I currently do not use supplements but have a couple horses I may try some on. A yearling we are hoping to run in the futre and a four year old that I am not exactly sure what I am going to do with yet and a brood mare who likes to be difficult when it comes to weight gain.

Badi Kiti (the 4 year old)

I was thinking DAC since I have heard in the racing world they love it. However am willing to try some of these listed above.





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