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Honey its cold outside…

32 Days till spring whoohoo we are all ready!
I know everyone and their brother, sister, and their donkeys and I mean that in the most lovingly way are ready for some beautiful weather ….even my layers of under armour and my old military coat are having a time keeping this happy hiney warm…. outdoor wood boiler is a crankin, furnace blower is a blowing, I am so ready for a hot tub, electric blanket, a good movie … maybe tomorrow right now I am stuffing my face writing this post then off to TSC and Aldi …. Aw I wish I had my camera up and running I have a couple of my beautiful grey four legged babies in a lot outside the glass sliding door I have the computer set up by ….. and they are kicking up their heals always luv it when they go zooming by…. Pistol (MC ROLLIN ICHIE) and Tucker (EYES LOCKED AND LOADED) I cant get enough watching the silver beauties playing in the snow…. if only it was ya know 79 degrees …. I have slacker radio a blaring PINK and the base just vibrated my dish off the desk ….lol I guess its time to go have a wonderful blessed day 🙂

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