Freezing Eggs?? For Your Next Adventure

So today as I was surfing the web I found a article at
Really freezing eggs for camping well the article was really about saving the eggs
so you have them when you need them however I really am no good at preparing anything for the future
…. you know one of those thing really should work on However this quick tip is so simple even I
can do it crack the eggs put them in some kind of container such as ice tray, cupcake thingy you know the
silicone ones freeze then pop out and put in a baggie don’t forget the date lol some people even separate
yolk and whites and freeze that way. (to many steps for me) however sounds like it proves to be useful for
baking. Although I have not researched this in depth it sounds like it is worth a shot
some put them in old containers and scramble with a couple additions and pop in freezer for family sized
portions that is where I find this tip useful ….. for camping they say thaws in about a day and good
to go for a yummy campfire breakfast
If you have not froze your eggs yet ….like me you can check your eggs by putting them in a bowl of
water if the egg floats -good egg if egg sinks ….. bad egg
in the article it said you can check these and other fascinating egg facts at mother earth news and
Happy Camping 🙂

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