Easy Biscuits And Gravy No Fail

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Gma B's Easy No Fail B&G (Biscuits and Gravy)

So today I had the luxury of spending the evening with Gma B. Our challenge today
to teach me how to cook biscuits and gravy….Not out of a packet or a can….hahaha
Challenge was met! After years of trial and error I gave up I cannot follow a recipe to save my bum. However today I can say I have finally accomplished one of my life long goals of wanting to learn how to make Yummy B&G. We go camping every year and wish I knew how to make gravy from scratch (not that the packets are not edible they are! lol)however this simple recipe is so much easier and tastes GREAT.
2 lb sausage
1/2 c. flour
1/2 gal milk
S&P to taste
Cook sausage first then add flour mix THEN add the milk bring to a boil and let simmer while your making the biscuits when desired thickness is reached turn off stove.
Bam Mind Blown Edible Breakfast or Lunch or Dinner hahaha
(if it does not reach desired tendency in separate cup mix some flour and milk together then add to gravy this will help thicken and no lumps) then Enjoy I did!

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