DIY Easy Dog Costume

DIY Easy Dog Costume

“Tin Man” and Dorothy from the

Wizard of Oz

Cute Simple Easy DIY Recycled Small Dog Costume “Tin Man” from the Wizard of Oz

Supplies Needed

Silver Spray Paint

Styrofoam Cups (to cover the legs)

A Large Styrofoam cup for the body (Gas Station Fountain Drink)


Water bottle, “funnel”, two liter etc…


Step One:

Cut off water bottle at desired height for “funnel hat”.

Step 2:

Then poke holes in your hat to tie on string

Step 3:

Not done yet need to poke holes in Styrofoam cups for string

Step 4:

poke out the bottom of the large Styrofoam cup and cut open one side so the cup can fit around your dog

Step 5:

Apply spray paint

let dry

Step 6:

add string to two cups fitted to your small dog

add string to hat

apply to your dog

Get a giggle while your watching your dog wiggle walk with their new costume on! Enjoy the Ohhhs and Awwws…

What Costumes have you made for your dogs?

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