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    Natural Fly Control Ideas

       Natural Fly Control Traps Check out these amazing natural fly control ideas! From DIY to feed supplements there are alternative ways to aid in the control of flies.   DIY   Two Liter Trap Two Liter Soda Bottle poke pencil size holes in it for the flies to fly into Add Raw Hamburger or something similar that the flies will like the liter bottle traps the flies.   Penny in a Zip lock bag Put a penny in a zip lock bag Fill half way full of water Hang near your livestock’s favorite hangouts Some swear by this. I tried it can not say it did or didn’t work.…

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    Freezing Tomatoes Has Never Been Easier

    Hear is my homesteading tip of the week it comes from Grandparentsplus.com I personally have not tried this yet …. But it is on my list! Could it really be as simple as tossing the maters in a blender and pouring them into a muffin pan and freezing then when frozen toss into a ziplock …. It does appear to be true…. Simple steps right up my ally 

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    Where my mind has wondered today … Dehydrating Eggs 

    Why my mind has wondered there who knows …. Actually a family member was talking about how other family members are “preppers” we all have our own beliefs and various reasons for doing things the way we do. Every once in a while I wonder where my children get their sense of imagination and investigation from. (Squirrel) They make me look twice some days and other days, I just chalk it up to they are our children and they get it honestly. I remember as a child my father would subscribe to “The Mother Earth News” magazine and it always intrigued me, I never did do any of the  experiments…

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    Tierd of muddy walkways …. Yet another pallet project

    Good bye ice and snow! Welcome mud well not really however as I was surfing this morning I came across a cute lil project “the roll up boardwalk” as seen on Pinterest and Hometalk step by step directions or as I call them destructions can be viewed at www.finehomebuilding.com/how-to/tips/roll-up-Boardwalk perfect project for ye ole skid wood you and I have laying around I believe my first path needs to lead to our wood boiler then we will go from there lol

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    DoTerra Essential Oils For All Your Equine

    Here is a shout out to the wonderful ladies out in Wyoming who sent me some samples for my horses and I! More to come on this adventure soon! I am finding is Doterra’s oils are made for the whole family two legged and four!….Links on getting started coming soon! I would love to know more about your experiences with essential oils.

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    Easy Peasy Meatloaf

    Oh yes my family and friends you will never believe it This recipe is so simple even I could do it OH and by the way I did and it was edible that was the best part. I am sure someome has a patent on this recipe however I a guy at work gave me this recipe one lb. meat (I used hamburger) and doubled the recipe one egg one cup breading ( I had some boxed stuffing that needed used) seasoning (salt pepper onion garlic) mix cover with ketchup toss in oven 350 and just kinda keep an eye on it time wise lolol

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    Honey its cold outside…

    32 Days till spring whoohoo we are all ready! I know everyone and their brother, sister, and their donkeys and I mean that in the most lovingly way are ready for some beautiful weather ….even my layers of under armour and my old military coat are having a time keeping this happy hiney warm…. outdoor wood boiler is a crankin, furnace blower is a blowing, I am so ready for a hot tub, electric blanket, a good movie … maybe tomorrow right now I am stuffing my face writing this post then off to TSC and Aldi …. Aw I wish I had my camera up and running I have…

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    Blogging Journey

    Wow I have figured out absolutely nothing in the last few hours. Trying to figure out how to get from here to there is not such an easy task. (I do believe CanChasin and Horse Racin is a whole lot easier and muckin stalls is a whole lot funner than sitting here on this stool trying to figure out the system. The bonus I get to sit here and watch my critters munch on their hay (would be better to go for a joy ride thou…. however that would not advance my ever so talented blogging skills that I have absolutely none of! and I have the opportunity to constantly…

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