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#horsebloggers Meet Up Collaboration Challenge

Hello I am so glad your here. I have teamed up with Laura Szuca from for the #horsebloggersmeetup challenge where Equine Bloggers are teamed up to collaborate. You can follow her here and here. While Laura is a Vlogger and primarily shares her work on Instagram as well as Facebook and Rides English and […]

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Filly by Fly Momma Fly good for 2nd at Indiana Grand Racing and Casino 💞🏇🏻💞   Please follow and like us:

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A letter to the dreamer…

Dear Dreamer, Live your wildest dreams set a goal no matter how big or how small. Barrel Racing may not be your thing. It’s ok! However, maybe it is. You don’t have to be the badest of the bad. And “have it all” to have a good time. It is ok to go have fun! […]

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Junk to Jewels American Pickers of Horse Tack

CanChasin.Com Presents     I just love it when people find unique ways to provide a service to others! Occasionally here at CanChasin.Com we will showcase these aspiring entrepreneurs on Small Business Saturday. If you would like to be featured here at CanChasin.Com please feel free to leave a comment below or shoot an email. […]


Natural Fly Control Ideas

   Natural Fly Control Traps Check out these amazing natural fly control ideas! From DIY to feed supplements there are alternative ways to aid in the control of flies.   DIY   Two Liter Trap Two Liter Soda Bottle poke pencil size holes in it for the flies to fly into Add Raw Hamburger or […]


Sample loading youtube video barrel racing tips

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