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Breyerfest on a Budget

Breyerfest Tips Tricks and Breyerfest on the Budget

Welcome to Breyerfest

Breyerfest on the Budget because,
Sometimes it is just not economically possible to go everywhere you want to go and do all you want to do. But that doesn’t stop us from giving it our best shot. My sisters and I had a ball while doing Breyerfest on the Cheap.
We hopped in our buggy (SUV) armed with its backpack (luggage carrier) for the items we purchased and drove down to Lexington Kentucky home of Breyerfest at Kentucky Horse Park.

There is so much to do we didn’t even miss not having the exclusive three day ticket. And we enjoy doing Breyerfest on a Budget! We walk around the Kid Corral and watch the Dog demonstrations and Kentucky Horse Park. Watch wonderful demonstrations given at the arena. We could walk by the Inspirational Breyer Horses and take pictures (maybe not all of them, however quite a few). One year we even was able to watch the beautiful Celebration of the horses. However this year the price is additional to the one day ticket holder free for the three day ticket holder.

Breyerfest in the past has allows small coolers and for you to bring snacks and beverages. This is never a bad idea this year I invested in a light weight yeti cooler to hopefully keep our beverages cool. As always you can make the trek back to your car.

I like to take a backpack to carry my belongings in as I am a looker I like to keep my hands free and tend to set things down and forget where they are and spend half the day looking for what I lost that was right beside me before I saw something that caught my eye across the isle.

Before or after Breyerfest we usually are able to find a reasonable hotel to split between the 4 of us. We are usually to exhausted to really worry about being to close due to budgeting we tend to stay a little farther away then some who like to stay in the center of it all by the Clarion Hotel. However this year may be different.

Hotel Clarion

Every year we have went we have been able to purchase the Celebration at the hotel Clarion. I say it would be a safe bet that it will be possible this year too. And this my friends is where the bargains are! New used abused you name it they have everything Breyer related. This is where we like to spend the other half of our mini trip. This is where we spend the money we saved by doing Breyerfest on a Budget. Little did we know how big of an event this is. It is a must if you make the trip and are looking to broaden your collection. Even if you are not a serious model collector as myself, it is fun to rummage around the hotel to find those horse related items you think you cannot live without.

Since this year we plan on purchasing the Breyerfest tickets as the theme this year is what we have been hoping for. Breyerfest is off to the races! My favorite sport. And features one of my all time favorite barrel racing icons Charmayne James. I hope to have my Scamper breyer signed by her. However, you must be one of the first 200 guests in line for an autograph. And I cannot wait to see Cruiser who will be there too! It is still possible to do Breyerfest on a Budget.

Do you have any tips or tricks to do Breyerfest on a Budget? I have heard of others posting their treasures they have bought online for sale as a way to help fund their trip.

Finally,What to take ?
Small bills to wheel and deal
backpack (possibly one with a hydration pack)
comfortable clothes and shoes
Do you have any other suggestions?
Thanks for stopping by!!!
All in all Breyerfest 2018 Off to the Races and I can’t wait to go!

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