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Breyerfest 2018 Off to the Races Featuring Charmayne James

Off to the Races for Breyerfest 2018.

Breyerfest 2018

This spectacular three day event is Off to the Races for Breyerfest 2018. Breyerfest takes place at the Kentucky Horse Park July 13-18 2018. Barrel Racing Icon Charmayne James will be there this year as a guest speaker with her beloved Cruiser! I know myself I will be inline for her autograph again this time with my Breyer model of Scamper.

Autograph sessions may be limited to the first 200 check Breyerfest website for further details. Charmayne is not only an amazing jockey her people skills are out of this world!)


Along with 11 time world Champion Charmayne she will bring along her famous steed Cruiser. How exciting it will be to see him in person. She will be providing demonstrations as well as have her full line of tack and training information.

No horse? No Problem!

Thousands of horse models as well their fans, owners, trainers, and handlers will be attending the 29th Annual Festival for Equine Breyer Collectibles. People from across the globe make the trip to Breyerfest to buy sell, trade and show off these lovely little resins that are loved by young and old alike.

During the festival competitors may compete in “horse shows” with their favorite figurines, enjoy demonstrations as well as meet and greats from the real equine that are the inspiration for the models. And so much more! One of our favorite things to at Breyerfest is to complete the quest found in the program as well as paint our own ponies. Kids love it.

People really get into showing Breyer models. You don’t know if some of the spectators are talking about their real live horse or their model! Seriously!

The first year I attended Breyerfest I told my sister, wouldn’t it be nice if they had a racing theme. Great minds think alike! I mean American Pharoah did win the Triple Crown and is a Breyer, what better reason? The first horse since Secretariat which by the way is another one of my favorite Breyers. This years Celebartion horse model is Kentucky born
Brass Hat. Winner of the 1989 Breeders Cup.

Who knew collecting those little plastic Breyer models was a world wide phenomenon? Little did I know those tiny replicas of my idealistic horses, I played with at recess when I was little would be a sought after collectible. My personal childhood favorites include Man O War. Misty was a close second. However, I named her Toby because that was my pony’s name. I even used Man O War as decor at our wedding framed with a beautiful lariat and ribbon.

Lastly, Are you going to Breyerfest? Are you a collector? Which Breyers are your favorite? What tips would you like to share? New post coming soon Breyerfest on a Budget.

Don’t Forget to do your research there is so much to do in the Lexington Area!

American Pharoah is standing at Coolmore how exciting will it be to see the triple crown winner again.