Blog Post Title Tips for your Equine Blog

Having difficulty coming up with Blog Post Titles for your Equine blog?

Searching for key words in blog post titles and subtitles is a useful tool for building your equine related blog..
A couple useful websites for researching your title are I just rushed over to this site and wallah typed in Barrel Racing and had hundreds of options pop up. I also searched trail riding and was happy with instant results.

Search for key words…

Searching for key words to titles not only helps provide the most popular searches in your niche. It also provides ideas listing various popular topics when you have writers block.
Google Adwords now Google Ads is an option. Another option that has a paid as well as a free version is KWfinder where you can search 5 free titles a day usually enough for one post. LSI Graph is another option. Keyword Everywhere is another tool bloggers use.
When looking for #hashtags

Another choice to try would be to go to Google type in one or two words in the search window and wait don’t hit enter or return.

Google will automatically give you words or phrases most commonly searched for. How do you come up with your post titles?

Keep in Mind What Interests You

Just remember horse enthusiasts are looking for Equine related bloggers such as yourself.What interests you may very well interest others. Coming up with unique ideas may be what others are searching for as well. Be yourself! Share what you love.

Starting your own blog is a worthy project not only can you advertise your arts, crafts, foals, farm, life, and horses for sale etcetera. You get your own bragging rights on your farm. You choose your hot topics of choice. Tell your story. Share what makes you smile! Tell a story that makes people laugh.

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