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    9+ Horse Lover Gifts for the Barrel Racer

      Looking for some Handmade unique gift ideas? Here is a small collection of 9+ horse lover gifts for the Barrel Racer in your life! We have went beyond the first page of Etsy and created a gift lineup sure to please any cantankerous barrel racer. Lets open up this list with a fabulous stocking stuffer idea from GreyHorseCandleCo $5.00. All natural hand poured soy waxed tarts they also have a collection of candles prices vary! Come on who doesn’t love their house, horse trailer, or barn office to smell out of this world! Coming Soon Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide for Horse Lovers! Now let’s dive into the 9+ horse…

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    DIY Horse Head Wreath 

    DIY HORSE HEAD WREATH DIY Horse Head Wreath Here’s a cute fairly easy project I came up with. A DIY Horse Head Wreath. Inspired by all those lovely ladies and gentlemen out there via Pinterest Facebook Hometalk and Etsy. These beauties sell for money. One day I would love to open a little Etsy shop until then I will continue to dream. 🙂 Back to my story I haven’t taken the time to create a project in forever!  I decided today this is exactly what I was going to do. I had grand plans of choosing a pattern on the internet transferring that to some cardboard. Needless to say I…

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    Ultimate Barrel Racing Gift Guide

    Coming soon the  Gift Guide for Barrel Racers. Until then here is a great little sneak peak! Great gift ideas for those who love barrel racing! CanChasers can be a peculiar bunch to buy for ! Enjoy easy shopping let CanChasin.Com look for those precious presents that will keep them smiling all year long. Looking for something unique? Come back soon. Drop me an email and we will see what we can find :)! I love this little sign available in different sizes! Everyone could use a little yard decor. Think safety with Troxel and Fallon Taylor stylish helmets! Barrel Racers love practicing with these Flex Barrels! I dream of…

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    Ten Tips for your First Trip the NFR 2018

    BE PREPARED TO BE AMAZED AT THE 2018 NFR In December 2017 we went to the NFR on a budget. This was our first trip to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. We had fun, learned a little saw a lot. As with every adventure you must take the first step. Here’s a Ten Tip Checklist (for those on a budget) for your first trip to Las Vegas Wrangler National Finals Rodeo 2018. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, RESEARCH AND REACH OUT We chose to go for the final round of the NFR (Wrangler National Finals Rodeo) after watching a rerun of 2016. One could think I did my homework, however…

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    getting back in the saddle again

    My “Blind” Date

    (As I am rolling my eyes thinking REALLY… I am sure I  said it too.) Now let’s be clear I have nothing against blind horses or ponies. I admire them for their strength in this modern world where they can so easily be tossed aside. (Some of my girls are getting old and I will love them none the less if something were to ever happen to them.) No I am not going to barrel race her. Just merely borrowed her for the day for a little saddle time. Easy is a 20 ish year old Blind POA (Pony of America aka An Appaloosa pony). Technically I’d say she was…

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    Super Easy DIY Mesh Wreath

    Barn Door Decor! Does not get much easier than this… I have seen these cuties all over the internet DIY Easy Tulle/Mesh Wreaths. If you can’t beat em join em. I have not been in the crafty spirit for quite some time. I decided it was time. Supply List Includes Tulle Don’t have tulle? Use old T-shirts etc   Floral Wire Actually any wire or string that your comfortable using. Wreath Base Use what you have tip: Do not have a wreath base? Use that old laundry basket.   Instructions Since, we are busy people. Theses instructions are super easy! Are you ready Cut mesh into foot or so sections…

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    A letter to the dreamer…

    Dear Dreamer, Live your wildest dreams set a goal no matter how big or how small. Barrel Racing may not be your thing. It’s ok! However, maybe it is. You don’t have to be the badest of the bad. And “have it all” to have a good time. It is ok to go have fun! Don’t get intimidated by others. It takes all kinds to promote a sport. The beginners intermediate advanced. You know everything from the weekend warriors to the pro’s. I recently went to a speed show to merely have fun! Yes, there are always the debbiedowners. Look past them ( you know your entry fee “donations” go…

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    DIY Easy Dog Costume

    DIY Easy Dog Costume “Tin Man” and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz Cute Simple Easy DIY Recycled Small Dog Costume “Tin Man” from the Wizard of Oz Supplies Needed Silver Spray Paint Styrofoam Cups (to cover the legs) A Large Styrofoam cup for the body (Gas Station Fountain Drink) String Water bottle, “funnel”, two liter etc… Directions Step One: Cut off water bottle at desired height for “funnel hat”. Step 2: Then poke holes in your hat to tie on string Step 3: Not done yet need to poke holes in Styrofoam cups for string Step 4: poke out the bottom of the large Styrofoam cup and cut open…

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