Alternative Workout for Barrel Racing : What are We Going To Try Now?

Really MoM This is Not the Woods …

Cattle sorting also known as ranch sorting is a great alternative workout

for barrel racing.

If you have access to any cattle I highly recommend it.

While I have never quite done this before in an arena, it was a BLAST!

Truth be told I have only chased cows a couple times in my life!

While browsing the internet I have seen various ways and rules for

ranch sorting.

We play by house rules :

For beginners 2 minute time limit.

One person is a gate in the middle of the round pens shaped as an 8.

The other chases a cow with a number on it given to you by the judge

when you cross the “gate”.

You start with that number and work your way until you have no cattle

left switching places so each of you get a chance at a calf.

Pistol  has had only one job.

After her retirement from the race track.

These last few years and that was to be my designated trail horse.

Well, make that two jobs. She has been a glamorous pasture ornament also!

Trail Riding and Baby Sitting are her Forte.

With future hopes becoming a barrel horse for beginners.

This mare rarely gets excited about much. Cattle included. 

I may have to check into a previous post about supplements and what 

people are saying.




Local barn in Urbana, Indiana called Crazy Horse hosts a variety of events.

They often hold practices for mounted shooting. Which is also on my list of things to try.


We once went to rob a train with the mounted shooters for charity and

that was an amazing experience!



You just never know what other “disciplines” your barrel horse may like

as an alternative to keep them fit.💕

Try something new! And have fun and let your horse have a little fun too!

Working cattle is a great way to keep your barrel horse, trail horse,

possibly even your race horse that is on a layoff challenged mentally and

and physically.


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