Almost but not quite Grandma’s Popcorn Balls

I just love Grandma’s Pop Corn Balls although I have seen this recipe on many other sites this is the recipe Grandma Afton uses………tried and true….Rookie Cookers use caution!lol
Making “Grandma’s Popcorn Balls” is not for the faint of heart. Since I am no “Betty Crocker” or “Martha” I had issues I popped my pop corn in a pot on the stove which I think there is an art to just popping the corn. I only burned a little bit ….not to bad….
Then I started on the caramel 1. make sure your pot is large enough …. lesson learned mine boiled over a smite bit..okay all over the stove… 2. when you pop the popcorn leave the uncooked and burnt kernels in the pot to dispose of later (Wilber our pig likes everything)… only use the popped popcorn if you can help it … its a lot easier on the teeth…. tastes better too…. 3. wait till the caramel cools before sticking your hands in it to make the balls, burnt hands are not cool easily cured though with the scrumptious bites of almost but not quite Grandmas popcorn balls…. because no one can ever make em better than Grandma… Close maybe if your lucky ………. Oh and one last hint for the beginner only because I have never before used a thermometer to cook with and these words of wisdom was passed on to me so I will pass them along………patience grasshopper patience… I hope my little Jo reads this in many years from now ……. 🙂

Lots of Popcorn
1 cup corn syrup
2 cup brown sugar
1 can sweet condensed milk
1/2 c butter
boil syrup & sugar for 5 mins
add milk & butter cook till cracked stage (tons of patience required)
pour over popcorn mix well ( wait till it cools a bit like quite a bit before attempting to make balls… just sayin) taste and enjoy and be prepared to gain a few pounds…. definitely a little slice of heaven for the taste buds 🙂 and a good zing from the sugar….

and for future reference since I am the only one reading this blog it would have been a good idea to suggest a air popcorn popper from amazon along with a pic and a link …oh well maybe next time … Have the most splendid day..goodnight

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