About Me

Hay You!

Are you the kind that loves your horse but is hesitant in the saddle?

Sort of a beWILDERed barrel racer?

You are not alone my friend.

Now, that I am no longer that confident rider and age and fear started to interfere.

I have noticed that there are many people out there just like us!

Happy to just be in the saddle let alone run in it. LOL

Bewildered by definition is to cause someone the state of confusion.

Such as, in your mind you are flying wild on your horse but in the saddle you are plumb chicken?

Your body says oh hell no but your mind is confused as says oh yes you can!

(This has happened to me!)

Hence, the BeWILDERed barrel racer blog at CanChasin.Com was born.

Because together we can build our confidence and be wilder in the saddle again!

If you stop and think about it have you ever been chased by a chicken?

They have more power than you think and you and I do too!

We just have to get past the nerves and build up our confidence again!

CanChasin & Horse Racin

Welcome to CanChasin.Com!

I am Tru Cahill and I am so excited your here!

Do you enjoy…

Here, you never know what you are going to find!

.I toss in a little of everyday life as well as our fun traveling adventures.

We love to share all things horse related.

Are you a blogger?

At CanChasin.Com I love to help other bloggers grow their audience.

As a midlife blogger…

I have enjoyed many fun afternoons in my younger days in the saddle.

However, my priorities changed. My passion for riding slowly wilted away.

While, I have never ridden professionally. I do enjoy what I call the weekend warrior lifestyle.

Local speed shows, trail riding with family and friends, prep a couple of our colts for the race track.

I am slowly but surely getting back in the saddle again.

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Thank you for stopping by hope to see you again!

Happy trails,

Tru Cahill