A letter to the dreamer…

Dear Dreamer,

Live your wildest dreams set a goal no matter how big or how small. Barrel Racing may not be your thing. It’s ok! However, maybe it is.

You don’t have to be the badest of the bad. And “have it all” to have a good time. It is ok to go have fun! Don’t get intimidated by others. It takes all kinds to promote a sport. The beginners intermediate advanced. You know everything from the weekend warriors to the pro’s. I recently went to a speed show to merely have fun! Yes, there are always the debbiedowners. Look past them ( you know your entry fee “donations” go for a good cause and their payback so with out the little people the shows would be even smaller than they are now. I am pretty sure that is why the 3D was born. Few are natural born pro’s most had to start somewhere or like me restart. Surround yourself with those who “get you just want to enjoy so fun saddle time”.

Go get ’em

Even in your dreams


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