9 Day 9 Minute Barn Organization Day 3

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How do you organize your barn “tools”?

Tips on sure fire ways to get that barn organized.

Stay with me…

Where are your rakes, shovels, and apple pickers?

Are they where you used them last?

Photo credit Annie Spratt from Upsplash her pictures are absolutely amazing!!

Let’s bundle these babies together and make them a home.

You can  use a skid and fasten it to the wall

this also helps to organize your tools without the

cost and you can personalize it to make it pretty!

or use some of these space savers.

Another great idea I have seen floating around in cyberspace is cutting pvc pipe into small sections.

(video property of its rightful owner and is not property of CanChasin.Com)

If you choose this method cut your pvc at an

angle this makes it much easier to screw them

into the wall where you want them without you

doing a handstand and turning into a pretzel to

get it where you want it!

Barn organization is not for the weak at heart!

Let me tell you it is a process and if you have made it to day

three you are rocking it!

What Method did you choose to go with or do you

already have something in place?

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