• tips on riding a blind horse
    getting back in the saddle again

    Meet Easy the Blind Horse

    (As I am rolling my eyes thinking REALLY… I am sure I  said it too.) Now let’s be clear I have nothing against blind horses or ponies. I admire them for their strength in this modern world where they can so easily be tossed aside. (Some of my girls are getting old and I will love them none the less if something were to ever happen to them.) No I am not going to barrel race her. Just merely borrowed her for the day for a little saddle time. Easy is a 20+ year old Blind POA (Pony of America aka An Appaloosa pony). Technically I’d say she was borderline…

  • barrel racing gifts
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    Ultimate Barrel Racing Gift Guide

    Coming soon the  Gift Guide for Barrel Racers. Until then here is a great little sneak peak! Great gift ideas for those who love barrel racing! CanChasers can be a peculiar bunch to buy for ! Enjoy easy shopping let CanChasin.Com look for those precious presents that will keep them smiling all year long. Looking for something unique? Come back soon. Drop me an email and we will see what we can find :)! I love this little sign available in different sizes! Everyone could use a little yard decor. Think safety with Troxel and Fallon Taylor stylish helmets! Barrel Racers love practicing with these Flex Barrels! I dream of…

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