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    Easy Peasy Meatloaf

    Oh yes my family and friends you will never believe it This recipe is so simple even I could do it OH and by the way I did and it was edible that was the best part. I am sure someome has a patent on this recipe however I a guy at work gave me this recipe one lb. meat (I used hamburger) and doubled the recipe one egg one cup breading ( I had some boxed stuffing that needed used) seasoning (salt pepper onion garlic) mix cover with ketchup toss in oven 350 and just kinda keep an eye on it time wise lolol

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    Kids Camping Project

    Since I am still learning about this blogging adventure and should do more research so you know things would look proper and pretty well that’s just not me I like to put the cart before the horse just ask my hubby he will be the first to agree. Anywho I have started to collect cute project the kids can do that they will a. be proud of b. keep them happily entertained while I am c. blindly staring at a campfire in the middle of the afternoon after a good ride or a nice long hike or some sort of wildy adventure we get into and they have so much…

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    Freezing Eggs?? For Your Next Adventure

    So today as I was surfing the web I found a article at happymoneysaver.com Really freezing eggs for camping well the article was really about saving the eggs so you have them when you need them however I really am no good at preparing anything for the future …. you know one of those thing really should work on However this quick tip is so simple even I can do it crack the eggs put them in some kind of container such as ice tray, cupcake thingy you know the silicone ones freeze then pop out and put in a baggie don’t forget the date lol some people even separate…

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    Honey its cold outside…

    32 Days till spring whoohoo we are all ready! I know everyone and their brother, sister, and their donkeys and I mean that in the most lovingly way are ready for some beautiful weather ….even my layers of under armour and my old military coat are having a time keeping this happy hiney warm…. outdoor wood boiler is a crankin, furnace blower is a blowing, I am so ready for a hot tub, electric blanket, a good movie … maybe tomorrow right now I am stuffing my face writing this post then off to TSC and Aldi …. Aw I wish I had my camera up and running I have…

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    Indiana Quarter Horse Racing

    Whoooo Hoooo ! I am excited even though I doubt I race a horse this year(however if all goes well and it is in my lucky stars look for me in 2016 with Bad Kitty :D, her dam is Joanie Dash and Sire is Identity Theft ) Ya know… as I said before I don’t always follow every move my favorites make but when I do you know I will have to post my rants and raves here for all the world to see haha I suppose it is a good thing I am in my own little world here haha This year they will have 120 live racing dates…

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    Blogging Journey

    Wow I have figured out absolutely nothing in the last few hours. Trying to figure out how to get from here to there is not such an easy task. (I do believe CanChasin and Horse Racin is a whole lot easier and muckin stalls is a whole lot funner than sitting here on this stool trying to figure out the system. The bonus I get to sit here and watch my critters munch on their hay (would be better to go for a joy ride thou…. however that would not advance my ever so talented blogging skills that I have absolutely none of! and I have the opportunity to constantly…

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