9 Day 9 Minutes Barn Organization Challenge with Free Printable


Beat the Spring Rush Start Organizing Your Barn Now!

With Free Printable

Yay! I am so glad you made it  for the 9 day 9 minute Organize Your Barn Challenge!

I am so cotton picken’ excited you are here ! Why you ask? Because I too have been there!

Heck who am I kidding I am there. LOL

Gather Up Some Supplies

Some good Gloves, A Bluetooth speaker to crank the tunes, and some trash bags.

Why 9? That is such an odd number?

Yep, it sure is 9 days and 9 minutes a day may not seem like much but let me tell  you it

adds up… yes it’s crazy but it works!


99 is my favorite number because there is always that one ( out of a hundred ) when

something works and I truly hope this challenge works for you as well as it has for me!

Your first call to action:

Delete this Challenge or Stick around for more no matter how painful it may be!

Don’t forget you were at least thinking about de-cluttering your barn when you stay signed

up 🙂

Keep Reading a little laughter and stress relief coming soon!

Remember, I feel your pain looking into that barn that you were once so proud of life gets

in the way and the next thing you know BAM what?

Your peaceful piece of heaven for you and your horse has become a catchall!

You no longer enjoy going to what use to be your happy place.

Now,You avoid it like the plague.

You scurry in and hurry out!

Tidy up a little and away you go…

Don’t we all wish for a self cleaning barn !

Well I hate to admit it but, we know too well the mess will be there when we return!

And All is Well Until You Need that One Thing You Can’t Find.

Or need to trap that unwanted creature that has taken your barn as its dwelling…

i.e opossum they are not welcome here!

Yay you’re still here! Hang tight we can do this!

Good for A Giggle

My dad used to say he was a pilot even though he was a woodworker.

Because we would pile stuff here then pile it (pilot) it there…

I swore that would never happen to me but ya know sometimes

the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

R U Ready?

Got your boots on?

Stick with me on this!

9 days 9 minutes!

Let the Pilot Program Begin!

Grab your headphones, Bluetooth speaker, ole boombox tunes dude you need music!

Take it to the barn and crank it loud dance and sing like no one is looking !

Your horses may think your a little crazy but that is ok its good for both of you!

Come on when is the last time you seriously cut loose?

You Can Do It!

video not owned by CanChasin.Com it is property of its rightful owners. Enjoy!

May even catch yourself laughing at yourself while your cleaning away!

Seriously TRY IT!

9 minutes 9 days! Remember there is always that one!

Day One: Pile it into the trash bin!

Grab a couple feed bags and start with the trash that needs to go reduce, reuse, recycle!

Crank up the music!

3 songs while your singing and twirling around toss the trash in the sacks!

Did you clean longer than 3 songs? It went fast didn’t it? Kudos to you if you made it thru!

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Now I realize you may not be back tomorrow! Motivation does not come every day! But we will be here when you come back!

Happy Dancing!



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2 thoughts on “9 Day 9 Minutes Barn Organization Challenge with Free Printable”

  1. Tru says:

    I am slower than molasses in January when it comes to organizing 😉 this lil challenge is helping me stay motivated lil Thank You for your kind words! And for stopping by!

  2. This is a really good idea! Makes organizing seem halfway fun too!!!!!! 🙂

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