#horsebloggers Meet Up Collaboration Challenge

Hello I am so glad your here. I have teamed up with Laura Szuca from www.wannabeintheribbons.com for the #horsebloggersmeetup challenge where Equine Bloggers are teamed up to collaborate. You can follow her here and here. While Laura is a Vlogger and primarily shares her work on Instagram as well as Facebook and Rides English and […]

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Winter Living On the Farm Frozen Buckets and Water Tanks

 Winter Barn Hacks What they don’t tell you … Having lived on a small farm all of my life and am always in shock when I learn of something that can make my life just a little bit easier. (Yes, I don’t get out much.) I love barn hacks. While this is my trusty friend […]

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9 Day 9 Minute Barn Organization Day 3

How do you organize your barn “tools”? Tips on sure fire ways to get that barn organized. Stay with me… Where are your rakes, shovels, and apple pickers? Are they where you used them last? Photo credit Annie Spratt from Upsplash her pictures are absolutely amazing!! Let’s bundle these babies together and make them a […]

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Make A Cowboy Rag Valentines Day Gift Idea for Men

Valentines Day is just around the corner. Nothings better than a hand made gift. Just sayin’! Or you can cheat I won’t tell and buy this one from Etsy Make your Cowboy a wild rodeo rag (Scarf). A great Valentines Day gift idea for men in your life. Ok so there are some things that […]


9 Day 9 Minutes Barn Organization Challenge with Free Printable

Beat the Spring Rush Start Organizing Your Barn Now! With Free Printable Yay! I am so glad you made it  for the 9 day 9 minute Organize Your Barn Challenge! I am so cotton picken’ excited you are here ! Why you ask? Because I too have been there! Heck who am I kidding I […]


Step 2 of the 9 Day 9 Minutes Re Organize your Barn Challenge

Welcome Back for Step 2! What are your emergency items? and Where are they located? Are they in a spot that is easy to get to? 9 Days 9 Minute Re Organize your Barn Challenge. (I would say Day 2 but I know some people like to skip ahead! Why wait? Or on the other […]